EVE portraits - share tricks, and share yours!

Whether you have put some effort in your character’s portrait to make it stand out of the crowd, because you want to show your apparel, because you enjoy creating portraits, because you want to match the group you’re part of, or any other reason - I’m glad you did!

Many characters in EVE gaze into the camera with emotionless eyes with default pose and default clothes. Which is a shame, as the portrait generator in EVE is a great tool that gives players a lot of control to create their own unique faces in this game. Put some effort in your character portraits! :smiley:

In this thread:

  • share tips and tricks on how you create portraits
  • share portraits
  • and optionally give feedback about the posted portraits - keep it constructive though!

Try everything

There are many ways to modify the face structure and body of your character, try it all and see if you can make something unique!

There are many sliders for many parts of the face and body. And also try turning the character around - you can often move parts in multiple directions.

Use moderation

Using the sliders to their maximum or minimum height/length/whatever is what most people will be doing - if you want your character to be unique, it may be nice use a different value.

Next, you have a lot of options when it comes to adding unique features to your character’s face. Ticking all the boxes of face tattoos, piercings, white eyes, glasses, a scar, eye shadow, eye liner, blush and a facial augmentation may sound menacing but in reality may look like a toddler with crayons drew on it while your character were asleep.

My advice: use moderation!
Pick only one or two of those options, for example piercings and tattoos; glasses and facial augment; scar and eye implant; etc. Pick something that defines your character.

Test server apparel

‘Try everything’ can be expensive when there are so many options of clothing and your wallet isn’t flowing over with ISK.

Do you want to know how a certain expensive facial augment looks on your character in combination with another piece of apparel that you do not have? Go to the test server and buy it all for 100 ISK, create your portrait there and see if it fits!

I have used this trick many times to decide which pieces of apparel to buy on the main server for my characters.
(Keep in mind that not all things on the test server are available or for sale on the main server though.)

Posing and light

Picking the right light and pose can completely change how visible or recognisable a portrait is. With light and shadow you can accentuate or hide facial features.
You are not limited to the light angles you can choose - you have a lot of control over where the shadows and light falls by turning the head of your character.

Give the face expression

Nothing is worse for your portrait than the default dead stare. Once you’ve made your character it’s really simple to breathe life into it by slightly turning the iris, twisting the chin a bit, moving a corner of the mouth and raising an eyebrow or two: suddenly your character will seem much more real.

Saving and sharing portraits

Ingame you can rightclick a character’s portrait and select ‘capture portrait’. The portrait will end up on your Documents/EVE/capture/portraits folder.

Alternatively you can go to the very useful third party website of https://evewho.com/ to find your character and get a link to your character’s portrait there, like this: https://images.evetech.net/characters/2112743738/portrait

From there you can copy paste them into this thread, or rename them and store them in other folders to keep track of older versions of your portraits. I’ve done that for most of my characters so I can see how they changed over time.

My portraits

(Personally I usually use the metallic ship interiors as background setting for my portraits - I really like them and they make the portraits feel more realistic to me.)

Gerard - you may recognise his (edit: old - newer version is in later post!) portrait from the forum.

May be seen orbiting ice, ore or gas clouds - I haven’t mined in ages though.

If online, she can often be found in rookie help chat to keep me busy while flying stuff around in space.

She’ll keep a (mechanical) eye on you.

Your friendly logi and mining boost support pilot, can you tell?

Currently just another PI alt, but I eventually have big plans for him.

We once created a bunch of Talwar pilots with the corporation. The suit is suiting, don’t you think?

His favourite weapons are lasers, of course.

Share your own portraits, portrait tricks and feedback below! I’d love to see what you created!



I went to a lot of trouble to make my character portrait look kind. The creator and game engine (understandably) don’t seem set up for that. There was a lot of messing with the lighting and camera angles to avoid harsh shadows.

If I had to offer a tip, one of the things I did to soften the portrait was to increase the pupil size. I suppose opinions on whether that is a softer look can vary, but it is an option you can play with if you’re taking an up close and personal shot of your character’s face.


They all look quality. I like the PI dude.

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Indeed, increasing the pupil size does make the character look a lot more friendly!

I did the opposite with some of my characters. :smiling_imp:


You.havw the same eyepiece i believe. I got it for 3.9bil and regular price is 4.4bil. May have changed since a few weeks ago.

I looked up your portrait to get a closer look at the eyepiece: it’s indeed the same one I use.

I don’t remember how much I paid for it, it’s years ago already.

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Every now and then I get back to old portraits and see if there is anything I want to change about it. I wasn’t really satisfied with the PI dude until I made my latest changes to him today.

Maybe interesting to see - a summary of the process since he was created:


Second from bottom looks good. Looks like he means business but has a nasty streak. Seems suitable for PI :slight_smile:

I was quite happy with how the expression, pose and lighting worked out in that version!

I just had some doubts about the beret and wanted to try a mohawk instead. The stoic face didn’t really go well with the mohawk, neither did the friendly face so the final version is me trying to give him a ‘crazy villain’ look.

What I like is how I was able to “evolve” my character portrait.

This is Sere’s first :

Numerous changes later (about three years later):

And my current portrait:

I have taken a portrait every time I changed “looks”, so I have 118 portraits for Sere. Some were happy “accidents” like the current one…that color shade for the jacket is not in the game. My “blue” jacket just came out “grey”, and I was delighted.

I think, if you get the “bone” structure right, the possibilities are endless.

Sere changed over time, as I gained experience in the game, and with the character creator. I wanted to reflect that…evolution, with her portraits.


I wrote a little peace on that topic once.

Really like that one. Very sleek, very business.

And here’s my current portrait.


Nice read, and portrait!

Some interesting points in your link! I didn’t mention it yet but I too try to avoid symmetry in the portraits - often a difference in eyebrow height, a chin slightly off center or one higher corner of the mouth is enough to stop your character from looking uncanny.

For example Gerard stares right into the camera, but his mouth and chin are not symmetrical which makes him look more human. Any time one of my characters looks right into the camera I try to break that uncanny symmetry.

Symmetrical faces are often considered more beautiful, but if it’s perfect symmetry it also looks a bit alien.


I joined a cul…ancient order…now I see…everything


that last one kind of has a travis bickle look to him. I like it.

Anyway, I have a few portraits that i really like. However, I won’t be giving out any free intel (even if it is unlikely that anyone would ever tie one of my alts back to me based on a profile pic).

Nice try Gerard. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It wasn’t intentional, but I see what you mean! I even have a saved version where he’s wearing exactly those glasses. :sunglasses:

Haha! I was debating whether I wanted to give away that intel myself by making this thread… the urge to share portraits won in my case. :yum:

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Your first try is one of those that makes chars look like an underaged girl. I remember one that brings this uncanny young look forth even more but I can’t find the respective character any more.

Which portrait do you think has an uncanny young look Zhalyd?

God, this forum is so annoying. I replied to Seret’s post and refer to Seret’s first try, but the forum just forget the Reply To marker.

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@Nora_Maldoran Thanks again for that link! It made me realise there were some things I could improve to Gerard’s portrait. Especially the contrast between character and background.

It was also a good moment to get rid of the Amarrian dress. It looked good, but… Amarr. I would have preferred the Gallente Exploration suit, but as there are zero of those available on Tranquility (why CCP!?) I have settled on the ORE suit.

My new space face: