This game is cruel...and I look like a wall

Like a blizzard in the winter is cruel. It doesn’t care who you are or how you got there or where you came from. It only matters if you can survive it or not, and you know what? I freaking love it! I’ve only been playing a week or so and I’ve made more mistakes and already had to watch more guides and read more articles than all the other online games I’ve ever played combined and I still know so little I don’t even know what I don’t know. It’s amazing! On the topic of what I don’t know, why does my picture everywhere not actually have my face? It’s just the background wall. I can not for the life of me figure out how to fix it. Am I missing something or am I destined to just look like a background wall for the next 10 years?


It’s not the destination, it’s the journey…glad to hear you are enjoying yours. It gets better and better just as long as you maintain a balanced outlook on it (as anything).

In the character modification screen, there is a “take snapshot” button I believe (sorry not in game ATM). That should do it…somebody else will probably post the exact method shortly.

GL, fly safe!



First of all, welcome to the game. Second, you have a unique profile pic that you might not be able to replicate again if you wanted. You should consider embracing it. However, if you are dead set on getting your character to show up, dock in any station, click on the T-Shirt button on the station services panel (located on the right side by default), and then make your desired changes before snapping a new profile pic.

FYI, I’ve seen a profile picture of the back of someone’s head, one of just a boot, and now your blank wall.

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i had same problem with picture , when you dock in station go here and change picture

lool i fixed it ingame, on forum is the old one

With the forums it will update when log out and log back in

Welcome to EVE.

I am one of those personify the harshness eve can offer to the unsuspecting.

You know, I never looked at it that way. That’s not a bad perspective

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OP, i am happy to see that you like the game as it is
You have the good way of thinking. Keep the faith
I sent you some isks in game to help you to start
see u in space!


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