EVE Character seems "Infected"

Hi Folks,

Yesterday I logged in and my character’s face seemed “different”. It had black eyes with black marks above its mouth. Also, when I am in a station, and only in a station, the brightness level seems too high and the colour is closer to all white. It gets worse as I play on. But wait, that’s not all. My ships now appear translucent to me.

This is all very strange, but more annoying than anything else. I have gone into my settings and confirmed that nothing has changed. I’ve reset all the settings and cleared the cache. All visuals and graphics remain unchanged throughout the game.


Definitely submit a ticket to CCP, and make them aware of the issue. They did just do a graphics update that I would suspect did something to create what you’ve described.

You are a zombie now.

I wish… I can still die

Thanks. Will do so

Maybe be a hardware problem, either of your computer or of you

Yeah, i had that same problem in the mid 2000’s. Just stop listening to My Chemical Romance, and the problem will go away.

No P2W


You know we call those AFK miners in EO.

At least you see a face.

On three of my characters two are portraits of their feet and one is invisible.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

MCR 4 lyfe

I couldn’t type it with a straight face.

Thanks Guys,

Good lord you crack me up !

Problem was solved. Cleared all cache again and reset all settings.

At the end of the day, the f-up was the dumb interface between the screen and the chair I’m sitting in

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