Eve Is Borkened

All sorts of odd little issues…for example…

  1. I log in and all of a sudden one of my chars is in a lecture from Aura about a free 1 PLEX that I actually received months ago and reference to a non-existent ‘crate’.

  2. I changed my char’s look, but it wont properly save it. The slide out whole body image shows the change, but the image on the login screen and in Local is still the old one…it changed back to the old one on logging in again.

I have reset the local cache several times…to no avail.

I’ve had the Aura thing happen on same characters but not others, and only after some updates. Just skip it and it won’t show again.

Portrait images in game will not always show changes immediately, often only showing after downtime. This has always been a thing as far back as I can remember.

Hi Altara. Yes, I’ve also had some minor but irritating issues recently. EVE can be unstable at times.

I note, however, that Hilmar has committed to making EVE’s code Open Source in the future. That might encourage some brave coder-types to finally tackle all the legacy bits, odds and ends and - who knows? - maybe even create some mods! I can think of quite a few I’d like to see.

At the moment, my pet peeve is that, on launching one (and only one) of my characters of the 3 on that account, the station loads with that vomit-inducing camera behaviour; the swirling around one .

I’ve tried everything suggested to stabilise it, to no avail. The camera and graphics settings do nothing at all. Once he leaves his home station, all is well. It doesn’t seem to matter which ship he’s flying, I get the same in-station behaviour. Irritating.

Ah yes, the animation that you can’t stop…have to wait for it to finish.

@Altara_Zemara for #2, there is/was an issue ongoing with the character portraits. Would check back on that in a few days.

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Yes , that issue appears to be fixed now.

Ah, yes, the animation that has the option in the settings to turn it completely off.

Dynamic Camera, uncheck that setting and the auto moving, aka dynamic, camera stops.

Ah yes…its right under that really useful and totally not annoying at all ‘Camera Shake’.

Ah yes, that setting which I have repeatedly checked/unchecked ever since the problem started, following an EVE update, without success.

Thing is, Andlaust, it only affects one character on one account. The other characters on that account are fine; the other accounts are fine.

It’s certainly very puzzling. As a veteran of the RTFM days of yore, your suggestion (I think it was a suggestion) was the first thing I tried.

Well, I would offer more advice, but I can see the emotional incontinence simply brewing within you, so I’m not going to waste my time.

Have someone else help you figure it out. Good riddance.

How very rude. I’m sure there was nothing in my post to warrant such a response from you.

As a refutation of your odd summary of my putative ‘emotional incontinence’, I may say that even a cursory reading of my many posts over the years would indicate the complete absence of the fundamental emotional turmoil which you claim to detect.

In short, I’m as dry as a bone, Andlaust.

I’m curious though; what gave rise to your antipathy?