Sporty Capsuleers

What is this? Why all characters are displayed like this?



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This is usually how a graphics editing program would display a character / model when the animation system isn’t running. If you’re seeing this in EVE, I’m guessing that the part that animates the characters (so they look around a bit and their hair moves) has crashed.

Inside the EVE folder there’s a program called LogLite, that will create some debugging logs if you start it, and then start EVE while it’s watching. You can then save those logs and create a bug report or support ticket for CCP.

It’s either a bug, or your video card is possibly not up to the task of animating the characters properly.


They never should have let their art department go to that Da Vinci museum.


These are photos of capsuleers who were stopped by concord and are being given drunk flying tests. The first being able to walk in a straight line.

I think both have failed said test. They look drunk to me



I just figured the issue is in my PC due to low RAM. The i5 661 CPU and GeForce GTX 760 GPU are mid level and works well. The memory resources are distributed between Win10 processes, antivirus, a couple of servers and EVE. Visual glitches appears after intensive UI usage like Discovery, Exploration, Character bio, Marketing, PI after a couple of hours. The glitches and lags appearing at Jita local (over 2000 characters) and on grid, while there are over 500 characters.

Modern computers should have over 16GB RAM. I need some investments :roll_eyes: into this stuff.

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