Avatar not showing in Local

Noticed this since June;

The character avatars are not displaying in Local Chat, specifically they are the generic blank character until you either 1) scroll down the window and back, or 2) click on another chat tab and return.

I’ve cleared by cache, checked graphic settings, and tried a few other things.

Believe it is a bug.

Any ideas CCP? Anyone?

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I have the exact same problem with a fresh Windows 7 installation and a fresh Eve Online client so I think it’s CCP side, we can’t do anything to solve this by ourselves sadly :expressionless:

Same here.

Hi guys, I have also been having this issue in game as well. The issue seems to be with downloading images to your cache from the Eve Online image server.

So, you’re not alone :slight_smile:

The images do download in time but they take a while.

It’s more than a while for me. I could wait until the proverbial cows come home, the only two ways I temporarily get avatar pictures back is to either change chat tabs back & forth, or do a lot of up/down scrolling in more populated systems. I lose 90% of those recovered/finally downloaded pics once I logout & get to start over each time. This bug’s been showing up on my end for a couple months now, no response on the bug report I submitted.

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Just another adding his name to the list of people its happening too.

I can force them to update by changing the member list settings to compact then back to normal.

All other content comes in fine apart from the avatars.

Issue still happening for me - Bug report 30 days old.

Hi @Zyrus_Zuu, @Mia_Coldheart, @XGSRatte and @Mikkhi_Kisht.

I have been pestering one of my favourite Bug Hunters about this, can you guys please make a bug report for me and send me an Eve Mail, or @Stall me in here, with the number. You may want to clear your cache before you make the bug report so that the log files show as much as possible.

Thanks in advanced.

Sent this also to your EveMail.

Cache was cleared before I logged in & submitted the bug report.


There, now I can toss one of the many random bits of paper that clutter up my computer desk!



Same here. But I have fresh client and maybe it didnt download fully.

Had the same issues here for quite some time as well. Even bought a new computer (needed one anyways) and have had the same issues from the get go. Filed a bug report a few months back as well as a support ticket with no resolution. I have the same issue on both PC and Mac operating systems.

Almost 2020 and this is still a issue! Tech support ticket didn’t resolve. I have 4 accounts. All of them work besides one account. Brand new pc, brand new eve install.

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Select show compact member list and show text only in the chat window settings and stop worrying about seeing the silly avatars. If you really need to see what their avatar looks like (I can’t imagine why) just show info on them and you can even admire their entire body.