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I’m not exactly a new player, but every year or two I go through the experience again to see what has changed and improved.

Things are currently looking much better than they have in the past. I really like the tutorial! On my first playthrough I ran in to a problem where I tried to change my picture before the panel was unlocked, though I’m not sure why I could see it if it wasn’t unlocked.

Unfortunately the UI refused to accept any input, so I had to kill the game from task manager and re-launch it. Granted, this is not likely something a new player is likely to do, but could still be improved. It would be great if we could take our photo as part of character creation again. I’m disappointed that has been removed.

A problem which is more common to run in to, is that at some point there is no “warp to encounter” button in the agent mission panel. Because I’ve played before, I knew to right click in space and warp there via the menu. However I would have been quite lost as a new player.

The thing I am most unhappy to see is these sales being pushed more aggressively towards new players. Of course CCP is a business, and free to do this. However I was very turned off that the sale wasn’t even described properly.

It said the pack had some PLEX to sell for ISK, some skins and some clothes. It didn’t say which skins or clothes though. I realize there are a number of players who just throw their credit cards at this game, but surely enough professionalism can be maintained to at least include the details of the sale!

I did click the “buy” button, which took me straight to a payment form, without explaining the details of what I was buying.

Overall it is a good experience, and I’m glad to see it improved. I hope my feedback and other similar feedback will be considered to make the experience even better in the future.


Wasn’t totally removed. When you go Character Customization, you can make a new photo, edit the char etc.

Which pack are you referring to? There’s several on sale right now, and they do say what is in them,just not when you click on buy. When you hover over a pack, it will, off to the side, have a button that says details.

I think the packs are not so much towards new players as it is towards alphas, as well, since alphas are not generating revenue for CCP like Omega clones…

Normally I don’t like any “please change the game for me” posts, but this time I have to admit it is exactly what the topic says, a feedback to the NPE.

You are right, there are some packages to which I’d also like to find some further information. In the Packs section, to every pack you find a “view detail” button above. But the expert systems or PLEX sections don’t offer any details, you just can click “buy now”. Especially the expert systems are poorly explained (imho), I did not bother yet to research manually which skills are affected which could be easily explained in a detail page.

Recently there’s been an advert which kinda suggested to provide a new ship if you’ve lost one. But in the end, it’s just an offer for PLEX, and they mean you sould sell the PLEX in Jita and go shopping with the earned ISK, buying anything you want.

My opinion: The structure of the RL offers is changing all the time, they offer new packges and different advertizing all the time. One should have lived and traded in Jita for at least a month before starting RL trading with CCP to be able to identify and avoid scams :wink:

It’s great that I can still do this, but I like it as part of character creation. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure which pack this was specifically. It popped up on my screen before I was done the agent training, which seems quite aggressive. I’m absolutely fine with them targeting alpha players as you said. This is so early though. I’d appreciate a couple of days to see if I’m enjoying the game before I have ads thrown in my face. I’m glad that hasn’t been done since.

Thank you for that tip about the hidden details button. I will look for it more closely next time. :slight_smile:

Thank you, that is what I tried to do. An ISD in game told me to post here, so I did my best. I’m glad it made a favourable impression on you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip about about the details button and Jita trading before RL trading! That’s some great advice! :+1:

Thinking about this more, I’m also fine with CCP advertising to those who are immediately hooked on the game. However if it was me, I would display the ad upon leaving the agent training system while not on an agent training mission. In the end, I suppose it isn’t too big of an issue.

I had a very bad reaction to a full screen pop up ad so early on in the game, but I’m feeling much better that it hasn’t been done since.

OK, I think i know which one you are talking about… the one that EVERYONE is talking about, and not to happy with, and thats the ship loss for $5 pop up after losing a ship.

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