Is anyone interested in rebooting New Eden Faces?

For those who never saw it, this was a fun site while it lasted and you didn’t have to give up your API or god forbid, PAY to have your character entered, like others are trying to do. Characters were entered automatically so anyone could go and get a consensus of how well their portrait was received compared to others.

I would like to see this, or something like, it brought back to life. I may try to do it myself but I will probably screw something up and I don’t care about the credit for providing it–it was just a fun thing that I would like back!

The discussion of the previous project can be found here:

The code for the project can be found here :

I’ve sent an eve-mail to Nova Kierra hoping they may someday return, but in the meantime I am curious if it could be as simple as hosting the github code on a server without much configuration…

Any supportive comments or ideas are very welcome!


I remember that site, was fun. I think a couple of sites like that were created right after Character Customization was added to the game.

Anyway, maybe players in one of the sub-forums of Eve Technology And Research Center can answer questions about technical issues to make the site or clone of that site active again…

Good luck.

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