Project To Design Brand New Female Character

Hi all,

Firstly, my apologies if this is the wrong section to post this in.

I have a somewhat unusual request, but here goes:

My character design skills are very poor and I’ve seen some very lovely looking characters out there.

I’m looking for someone to professionally design me a brand new female character.

There are so many generic looking characters out there, I really want one that will stand out.

I recall @z0ra_Berg, @Alice_Accord and @Miiral being really good at this, but I’m not sure if they’re active, etc.

Id be of course willing to pay for this, so if anyone is interested, please reply here or drop me an eve-mail.

Thank you!

You might want to look at this thread for other people…

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I think I’ll be able to design one for you. Send me an ingame mail and tell me what styles you like(i.e tattoos hair color, size, hairstyle etc.). We will discuss further details ingame. I just have one small problem : How will I send you the design ingame? I don’t know if this possible or if I’m just too inexperienced.

Thats illegal!

You cant do this legally because account sharing is prohibited.

Also the character creator isnt the best, there are limits that will make your character look fairly generic. One look, and everyone knows if you are civire or khanid.

Well . . . they could do a character transfer legally. Seems onerous, but it could be done.

@Xeux Thanks - will take a look.

@Aurys_Rivelle Thanks for your reply - will send you an eve-mail.

@Nana_Skalski As it’s going to be a brand new character, the designer can make it on their account, then transfer it to me.

I know the Character Creator isn’t the best, but I’ve seen some really nice characters out there!

Thank you for your reply.

Please calm down nana

Alright then, but you have to tell me how to transfer the design

This link should be helpful:

Character Transfer Guidelines

So it would cost to transfer the character, but the ISK I would pay would be worth a lot more than 20 Euros.

Wow u sure are generous. But please pay in ISK if you can. PLEX would be OK too but that would be slightly troublesome for me:D. I’ll try to get it done by tomorrow or Monday at the latest unless something very serious crops up


Are you online at the moment?

Nope it’s quite late here

Okay, I’ve sent you an eve-mail.

I’m at home all the time for the moment, so any time you’re free to talk, let me know.

No rush!

Okok I’m really free too after 2 tiring weeks so I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I’ve sent you an eve-mail too

I enjoy creating portraits, if you want I can help later this weekend!

I won’t create the character for you (with character transfer), but I can show you some portraits I made, give you some pointers and perhaps create a new character that you could copy.

(Not that I’m trying to take this opportunity away from Aurys Rivelle, I just like creating new portraits. :smiley: )

MADAM! I’ll have you know that I laboured several entire minutes painstakingly crafting the space-mona lisa that is this character’s portrait and that you would be so hurtful as to even possibly include my masterpiece in your hateful “generic-looking” falderall is simply barbaric!


Send me one billion isk.

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Dear OP …

… you should consider that the person offering you his services …
… does not in any way or form have a portrait indicative of her abilities of performing said services.

Think about it.

You should at least request actual proof of its abilities …
… instead of just blindly believing the (literally) first person who offers to help.


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