Men's 'Farsight' Augmented Spectacles


I know someone probably already submitted the issue but… I want to do it anyway to reinforce it, and I don’t think I need to say anything about it since the differences are there.


Same here… Unexpected shape

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It looks like some sad puppy eyes

Mirelle glasses also look as such on male characters. Distorted.

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Maybe some white tape in the middle would make the deformed shape look more natural? :slight_smile:

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Hi, sorry it’s taken a while to respond to these issues. This is a known limitation in how we apply eyeglasses to the face, in order to make sure that the eyeglasses sit correctly on the bridge of the nose and the arms fit the sides of the head. In this instance, these characters have very high nose bridges. Our current workflow for modifying how these deformations are applied make it unlikely that we can fix this particular issue in a reasonable time.

We’ll be discussing what we can do to improve this type of issue with eyeglasses, but for the time being it’s limitation that’s dictated by the system’s design and there’s not a straightforward fix available.

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