[Apparel] Visual clipping issue on the SPZ-3 "Torch" Laser Sight Combat Ocular Enhancer (right/black)

I believe it’s been like this since it was released. This is a really cool piece of apparel that sadly clips through the character model’s brow ridge, leaving awful looking bald spots on the right eyebrow.

I know this seems trivial and the devs have more important things to address, but it’d be nice if this item could be touched up a bit sometime so that it doesn’t clip through our heads.


Maybe post a screen shot and show what it is you’re referring to?

Anyway, I have the SPZ-3 ‘Torch’ Lasersight installed on one of my characters and I haven’t noticed anything unusual.

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My bad, I should have posted a screenshot referencing the problem. It’s up there now.

Amarr males like yourself seem to avoid this issue by having deep-set eyes and a prominent supraorbital ridge. However if you don’t have these traits, this monocle shaves off parts of your eyebrow in retaliation.

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Ahhh, I see what you’re talking about.

In the portrait section of Character Customization, you can move both sides of each eyebrow up or down and can also move both eyebrows in or out from each other.

Maybe try messing around with that and hopefully you can get the clipping to go away, probably end up with the ole Spock eyebrow action like what Leonard Nimoy is doing here…

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Unfortunately that doesn’t work, the only way to avoid it is to remodel your guy’s face using a character remodel thing from the store and hoping your remodel fixes the issue.

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Well, besides moving the eyebrows around, there’s also different types of eyebrows available in Character Customization. Maybe you can get one of those to work instead of purchasing a Character Resculpt.

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