It's Time for NES Cigars

BTW, it has good synergy with berets…


You’re absolutely right, I’d love to have a big ol’ stogie in my picture

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Fair point. +1

Always knew the empty space in my pic was for something :parrotmustache:


Problem with berets is they negate your hairstyle and are thus worthless. All of the hair items they added should have worked with whatever hairstyle you had. So hats, or the spikes/aeriform ones for girls iirc that make you have blonde hair. Lazy design on ccps part. Exception are the skull caps.

I support cigars, would prefer a pipe myself.
it’s like a little volcano.
But ya know… more ornate sci-fi designs and have gold amarr options.

I wish CCP would invest more in original clothing and stop palette swapping. It’s disgusting how many t-shirts and trucker caps they make.
It’s the year 20000+ t-shirts and trucker caps shouldn’t exist.

Also I’d like synthetic eyes that aren’t clockwork.

They should have been sleeker like this with an LED aspect, if you buy one and equip it your eye color changer in the customization window would let you change led colors.
4 options to buy
White sclera, black sclera, silver sclera, gold sclera.
Each one would have LED options.
dim, normal, bright,
And three shades of each allowed color. yellow, orange, green, blue, red, purple.

Instead the best they could come up with for a synethetic eye was a hollow little clockwork that belongs in a steam punk universe.


I’m going to second the pipe idea.


Agree to Cigars and pipes!

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Yes, but ‘stoplight-eye’, displayed below, should be the limit :thinking:

And ‘wut?’ glasses:

They already have those glasses from projet discovery though.
They made all those sleek artificial limbs but the eyes seem like they’re from a completely different game is all.
There’s alot more they could be doing with the clothes and augmentations than just trucker caps and t-shirts lol.

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