So many hats!

Why so many hats?
It would not be so bad if wearing one didn’t make you go bald!

Was anyone thinking, I would play eve today but there just aren’t enough hats. I’ll play a more hat oriented game instead.



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Hats are the only item of clothing you can see any more. Giving boots as gifts would be really pointless.

Or maybe it’s a Korean gamer thing that our Korean overlords decided would be just what EVE needed.

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What bothers me most is apparently in 238th century or whatever the only people who wear hats are people with no hair, even the ladies.

We have cybernetic limbs and eyes and neural implants that make us geniuses and can fly massive ships by plugging ourselves directly into them but hair plugs seem to be a lost art for those whom are balding.


We need more SPACE PANTS




Eh, I don’t wear a hat to hide that I’ve lost the hair on top of my head. It’s there to keep my head warm, provide a degree of scrape resistance, and to look good.

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Yeah I agree, seems all we ever get anymore is just Hats and T-shirts.

We definitely need more Space Pants and Space Shorts.


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Bikinis should be a thing!

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That CCP has yet to offer a “tin foil hat” for us to proudly wear next time there is another EVE “incident” reflects poorly on their art team.


They’re for selling to people in Winterfell and on the The Wall or north of it. For 10 years they’ve needed some head warmth preservers and hats haven’t been invented yet in Westeros or East-eros. And besides, Winter is Commin’.

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