Sexier outfits please!

How can we live our space pirate fantasy wearing outfits that makes it look like we are heading to a board meeting?
And i can promise that sexier outfits would sell!
Like a nice corset and mini skirts, even swim suits wouldnt be bad.
Not everyone wants to look like a stiff shirt corpo


I’ve been asking for cat ears and anime hair and Hello Kitty ship skins for over a decade now.

Unfortunately, CCP is notoriously bad at selling stuff that players actually want to buy as opposed to have to buy. That, and they probably think that their game is “serious corporate spaceship business” when in fact most people already think of EVE as nothing more than a stupid internet meme. ¯\ _ (ツ)_ /¯


I don’t care about sexy outfits, but better outfits in general would be nice. The basic outfits all look, for the most part, like the cheap shelves at Walmart. The clothes they hand out for celebratory events are typically unappealing.

It would be nice to see some more variety. If nothing else, a wider array of colors and patterns would not be unwelcome.


Don’t you know…internet spaceships is serious business. Cripes. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apparel is pretty useless without a Captains Quarters to strut around in or non-tiny forum avatars to display our fashion prowess.

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All of that can be fixed.

I don’t know whether to like the OP or be disgusted.

So, I’ll like the OP anyway, but I’m not happy about it.


You can always repent your sins at a local Amarrian priest near you. :wink:

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I would rather blow them up while flying naked immersed in pod goo.

Also I want CCP to implement something for punishing players who have irritated me. I want it to cost 100m to make them wear a beanie hat with a propeller on top for a month.
This would have the side effect of making them go bald as well, I don’t know why CCP can’t make hats that don’t make you go bald, it’s something I could do in a day or two for every hair style and hat available in Eve.
Maybe someone should teach them to use Blender, it’s free.
Not you, just in general. You haven’t done anything wrong as far as I know. Yet.

Definitely a like for the OP :heart:


You can judge if I did anything wrong so far:


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Can be, but will it? Probably not.

I agree. We do need sexier clothes options. It even fits with the lore. Part of Gallente being sinners is the way they dress. Remember those clear plastic clothes they had in the old character generator? They didn’t have a full body shot but you just knew it was clear all the way down.


I remember someone asking for hello kitty skins long ago , CCP never listen and Inthis case good

One of my greatest fears would be that CCP would also mess with the waistline slider and we would have tons, “heh”, of morbidly obese capsuleers appearing in Speedo like swimwear. Shudder

I already experienced that last time I was on a Florida beach watching out of country tourists. It depends on what you have, but modesty in dressing doesn’t have to be boring.

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All I ever wanted in New Eden was to see her wear Yellow! #AchyBreakyHeart

Hair and hairstyles were created and animated with in house software and all the work was done literally hair by hair. Hair. By. Hair.

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ok boomer

You sound like a person who starts talking about how they’re a “very important corporate executive in a large alliance” and “famous spaceship fleet commander” in a “hardcore futuristic political simulator MMO video game” during social gatherings, even though no one really asked you to, and everyone is in fact getting quite tired of listening to these stories every time you come over and would much rather discuss Bob’s recent trip or sports or the latest episode of the TV show everyone is watching.