Dear forum members and the CCP Developer team,

I write these lines because I noticed that to identity of EDENCOM loyalists, hardly still available possibilities are given to identify themselves with it.

I do not expect now that there will be a distribution of EDENCOM clothes - as in the past. But please, at least, provide a basic supply of EDENCOM Berets for the roleplayers, so that we can provide them for our soldiers. As it were, as clothing.

Maybe make the beret available for loyalty points or something similar.

I have no problem as EDENCOM Defensive Initiative Alliance leader to take ISK in hand to buy these Berets, however, there is e.g. with the Berets for women - exact 1 Beret in the offer, and that covers in no case the need of the increase to our community.

I ask the same for the Triglavia faction.

It doesn’t have to be combat suits, but is there no possibility to get at least the berets ?


I was once led to believe we were going to get to make our own shipskins. That way groups could distinguish themselves.
I was being messed with, but the idea stuck.

So: +1


You lost the war. You lost Niarja, you lost Kino, entire systems surrendered to the invaders. Now you want rewards? Prizes? Participation trophies?

You get NOTHING.


You want to provoke me, but you will get NOTHING ?

I would also like to keep the hairs on my head while I am wearing beret.

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Why do you want to identify yourself with some broke Carebears, who wears a 1M ISK funny hat? Get yourself a 15B ISK Monocle (still very cheep) and join the cool boys club.

Not being funny but some way some way to aquire skillbooks and equipment might he useful too .

But hey looking good while we watch Eden burn is important too I suppose

Right! OP forgot about this. I don’t want to have a shaved head while wearing any hat XD

you know all that tickles in edencom ships :slight_smile:

True its maybe that glow inside that makes us do it :innocent:

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