We need more uniforms

Hey there, i am talking to you guys, because we need more EDENCOM Clothes, respective the Triglavian Supporters with Triglavian Suits.

Is there any ETA on that ?

Also some Berets are useful. If you cant deliver Uniforms, please deliver Berets.

Thx in advance

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Wish we can wear hats and have hair.

Back of the art team line request pal. :stuck_out_tongue:

FW themed combat suits would be great too.
And now with the pirates insurgency stuff, I have long noticed the Angel guy in all the cinematics and The Scope reports has an Angel themed combat suit.
Making them available through their respective FW LP store.

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The berets that do exist are awful, not worn properly at all. They look like US military berets, not ones worn properly by the French and British forces for example.