Helmets for Combat Suits

After the release of hodded masks at the start of the Triglavion expansion I think it would be neat to get some Combat Helmets for the already excisting Combat Suits (Genolution, SARO and Sisters of EVE).


and while CCP Designer is working on that pls also work on Boots and Pants, Triglavian Hoodies without mathing Boots and Pants?

old Pants and Boots with Textures from the Release^^
lot of Boots only from old Fanfest seeds…

That Bloodraider and Gurista Outer Boddy Leaderstuff for Women? are you serious? i mean if you give some Armor like in Fantasy games i would like to see also Helmet with Horn^^ or for Gurista Bunnyears^^ or a Skeleton Bunny Helmet

also give all Faction Clothing to all Players pls

Would love to see more clothing!

This would be awesome. I have only been playing a week now but after all these years I wonder why there arent tons and tons of different futuristic looking helmets for your pilot to be wearing. Why is it just caps and berets?

The suits are super cool and as soon as I downloaded the game I bought plex and bought them off the store.

Please add in more pilot customization options!


Also make it so that the portrait one takes actually shows the boots, whats the point of having boots in the game when you cant show it.

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