So I went to NES to buy new clothes…

…how are these different? That’s 9 different factions or corps. And everything else in NES differs the same way, only color schemes. I understand its easier than this kind of factional difference

I like collecting stuff in games. But this looks like a scam, they just add color schemes. Besides, there is no way to tell what is there, what pieces you have, what you don’t have. As I wrote in

Anyway, you mostly see peoples faces on those tiny avatars, so headgear, goggles, helmets, hairstyles, tattoos are the most relevant features. Scrolled through NES/market and didn’t find anything I’d buy.

How about adding more distinct, unique, radically looking stuff? Here are examples of stuff I would buy:


Took you a long time to figure that out :joy:


Yup, same as ship skins, nothing is unique.

I had a similar topic a long time ago: Clothing Exact same sentiment.

Most of it is pretty much garbage. The only thing I bought from the NES store was this characters “hat” and that was primarily because it just fits his theme and bio so perfectly.

Anyone curious enough to look closely at the fairly tall, slim figure would see that the mask was actually a close-fitting helmet of some kind. The mouth and nose were covered by a breather unit and the eyes hidden by dark glass lenses set into oval mounts. The helmet was formed of some kind of fabric that glinted and shined as the sodium lights and flickering lamps reflected off the material. A closer look still would reveal that the flowing, light desert-style robe covered a one-piece outfit of the same material, studded here and there with metal and polymer fittings. Flexible but sturdy boots and gloves of a slightly lighter material completed the full-body covering that this figure was wearing beneath a simple desert robe.

The figure’s outfit, while unusual, was hardly the most striking or bizarre ensemble to be seen in the streets of Satach City during this time of high ritual and mass pilgrimage.

That’s a Drifter description, right? And an outfit like this is nothing unusual, can we has one?

Chronicle illustrations have many nice cyberpunk-ish outfits, helmets, augmentations. Why in-game outfits are so boring?


On a huge galaxy with 4 different “races” averyone use only tshirts, jackets, caps and hats that simply remove all hair… no tunics, no kinda “religious” outfits, even female must all use the same generic “north-korean outfits” with no fantasy-dresses that we can also see on any sci-fi movie


Well I have to give the artists somewhat of a break here, they are spaceship nerds, they came to draw spaceships not dresses …

Maybe CCP could hire a fashion designer? Surely should be able to afford it after laying off a key part of the community team, right? :psyccp:

I thought they had just before The Outrage?

I remember some crazy stuff before Incarna.

Would really like male Intaki Long Hair back…

–Vidal Gadget

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I just want people to see all the miniskirts I bought with my credit card

Now that Captian Quarters project failed

No one will ever see all of my legs and skirts!



Send me an EVEmail as a reminder and I will look up your full body avatar in-game. Always glad to help the ladies out. :wink:


Well, maybe you should look at how Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm (and EVE Serenity?) make money.

I also asked for mini skirts in the old forums… and still waiting :wink:


Yeah? Ask Chloe how long she’s been waiting for a new set of clothes :roll_eyes:


I’ve been thinkin some more about clothes and looks. I changed my opinion about helmet pictures I presented earlier. Helmets that fully cover face make all avatars look the same or nearly the same.

Still sad how new suits that are coming, that are on Sisi now are still color scheme play.

Still sad how pirate suits are exactly empire suits with little insignia being difference. Why pirates are so civil. Why not as different as bounty hunters in SW, I.e. totally different for every pirate faction.

I understand it’s a spaceship game. And full suits would take too much of arts team time. But it could be some signifying parts of pirate gear. Like Blood Raider Bloody Apron of Doom (+1 HP). Or Sansha Spiked Armored Vest of self maim (-1 HP). Angels Rusty Steampunk Tophat of steampunk.

Officers or higher DED site overseers could drop those, that’d be fun.

One more thing, they say moneygrab is what CCP is after lately, I got one ultimate suit that half the population will want to buy.

Adidas stripes FTW.


You are the alien parasite sucking on the brains?
Did I get it right?

Its my secret to beautiful hair. Space Slug Slime. :ok_hand:

Actually just a promotional hat from company making those products.

As for making more hats or ocular implants, head accessories, its more easy than making a one kind of suit with differently colored textures. So I think if one person is doing those, there may be more variation and output and faster. More space hats! \o/

And it can be seen in portraits. Unlike boots.