In-game Apparel

Not sure if this belongs here, and probably not that important to most people, but I’m trying to figure out where this comes from? Do you earn it in-game?

I know there are some apparel options in the New Eden Store, but I don’t see any of those faction jackets.

Some items only comes from running events. CCP might do them again but many times the only place to get them is from willing sellers on the markets. And those prices on the market are controlled by those that have the stock.

Speaking of which maybe I need to open up all my crates one day.


I think I got one spare if you want it.
lets say 50mil ?

Got one “wardrobe” container for all the apparel from events and incentives. No idea what to do with 20 fancy caps …

Is there no way to make requests to CCP to bring things back to the store? Or any kind of feedback link? Most games have the rotational items in-store, but wasn’t sure if that’s how the New Eden Store works.

You can ask, but I doubt they will. Aside from these things, most other items are supplied by players.

This allows people to speculate and build wealth by being the only ones supplying hard to find items. I mean i got golden monocles that sell for 15bill on the market. I would be pretty agitated if CCP suddenly offered them in store for people.

are you the guy that scammed my old CEO out of one for 15m ?

I doubt it.

I don’t go out of my way to scam people.

But I have been known to put buy orders on the markets for stuff at significantly less than the asking price and people do something fulfill them. I mean I got Guardian Wambulance skins for a bill each, even the obnoxious “LOOK AT ME” Las Vages skin for the iki and Nergal I got for a bill. Not even going to mention the Kybernaut suits.

I saw some suits that had the cowl but not the full mask.
Cant find them, maybe you can help me ?

I will have a look through my cans when I am online. pop me a mail in game.

Caveat Emptor

I don’t see a point for clothing in this game you’re mostly looking at your spaceship all the time

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