How do you get the following apparel in game besides the market, loyalty point reward or what?

I am not talking about buying it, on the market, but how do you get apparel in game, ,like the Men’s ORE Claim Surveyor Suit" for example. I assume its a loyalty point reward for doing missions for the ORE npc corp but when I look in their list of loyalty point rewards I don’t see it as a reward anywhere. I have googled info on it and there is nothing, and can’t find any info from asking others, and help chat has become almost worthless unless someone from ccp is on it.

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Well, the complete lack of units traded seems to indicate that its an unreleased item.

Taking a look at the Item IDs, it seems to have been added along with a bunch of other suits (45521 - 45527), only one of which has a non-zero trade volume: the SOE Expeditionary suit, which was released on the NES.

I suspect that all of these items were initially slated to be released on the NES, but halted due to the Captains Quarters removal. They will probably either be released through some agency event or quietly forgotten and removed in a later clean-up of the database.

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OMG! Ok well I very much appreciate your helping me know what’s up with it. One of my fav items in game. Thank you!

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Yeah, unfortunately there’s a lot of Apparel items that haven’t been released yet.

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