That piece of apparel is so shiny ! I want one!

I just saw today the last announce for the Plex promotion and got strike by the shiny looking armor that the character is wearing on the banner (see the image below).

Any chance that kind of apparel exists one day ?

Even if the apparel in Eve is not that much visible, all the details shown on the picture make it really really attractive to me, I hope i’m not alone to fall in love (fashion victim’s love) and dreaming for it to be real !



looks very nice indeed

I am hoping it is Cybernitc Chest and Legs along with new Left and Right Arms

Looks like a ‘maxed-out’ version of the Torso-rig augmentations that are currently available.

Anyway, I’m still trying to collect up all the new apparel items that were recently implemented while I was ‘Lost In Space’ for the past 8 months…

Just need to purchase a few more to get all caught up. Currently I have 698 apparel items in my collection.

I want one!

We are the Borg-apparel resistance if futile? :thinking: :smirk: :wink: :blush:

inb4 they sell it for $$$ only :face_with_monocle: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :psyccp:

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I can’t resist ! :laughing:

It will be probably reward in some contest and only 3 pieces will be given, and never ever again.

But maybe 24 months subscription could come with it as a bonus. I dont know.

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I want it too!!!

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