Men's ORE Claim Surveyor's Suit

I’ve received mixed information as to whether this item is obtainable. Could someone please verify whether it is or not, and if so, how it can be obtained.

It was most likely obtainable a long time ago from the NES store but was discontinued. Since it wasn’t very popular, your chances of finding one are slim to none at best, and even then, extremely pricey.

I would give up. But why would you want that to begin with? There are coats that look similar to that, and more awesome ones too.

Edit: sorry let me qualify, it would be obtainable by buying it off another player who bought it from the NES store a long time ago. There would be no other in-game method of obtaining it.

I think most likely it was not released. Here a similar thread from 2018:

Let me qualify: I have no clue what I’m talking about.

That too, yes.

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