Private orders for personal clothing, armor (outside the general game market) compatible with EVE

Hello, everyone.
I am writing this inquiry to you at the request of the CCP.
They are very interested in the opinion of the EVE community.
I want to make a private order of clothing and not related to the publicly available clothes in the game, which will highlight my individuality. In which I want to pay with normal money. This is personal and does not oblige any of the players in anything. If there is high approval rate, anyone who can afford it and wants it will be able to get a game-compatible outfit of their choice, other than what we have available in-game, for an agreed amount.
I am awaiting opinions to find out if there is a problem or not regarding my request to the CCP.

40x40 GM KillerKoala (EVE Online)

Feb 25, 2024, 19:32 UTC

Hello again,

Since we don’t do commissions such as these, you can use our forums and other feedback tools to suggest such service, and the idea may then be studied if enough people agree.

If there are any other questions or issues, please let me know and it will be my pleasure to help.

Best Regards,
GM KillerKoala
CCP Player Experience EVE Online

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Tldr you want to create actual clothes to sell? @ISD_Traindriver may have some advice on that for you. Since we’ve had people build ships.

Ok i re-read your OP and i think you want to create your own attire in EVE?

As I understand the thread creator, he would like to buy ingame clothing via the eve online store - for real money - which is not yet available.

Every player should be able to buy a unique item - do I understand that correctly?

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Yes, that’s right, I personally want it for my pilot, but I can’t create the clothing I want, so I asked the CCP.
For a fee. But they asked me to reach out to the EVE community for an opinion.

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no I don’t want my outfit to be publicly available, then I’ll lose my personality highlight in the game, I want it to be the only outfit, that’s why it’s on private order.
To have no price, not to be sold and exchanged and compatible only with my pilot. Not to be a means of trading for profit.

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if approved by the EVE community, anyone who has their own idea for personal clothing that doesn’t exist in the Game but can be crafted by EVE designers will give them their own personality

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it has nothing to do with the game as a job or trade, it’s outside of it

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Yea i get what you meant

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I sent a message to the creator of the garment I wanted. If he decides to help me with this idea and the CCP designers agree to do it, all that’s left is your approval from the EVE community.

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Cant say im against it

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thank you :slight_smile:

I like it and it kind of reminds me of my insane idea (i won’t link it here) that I suspect get me blocked by at least two csm members :wink:

They told me CCP would be against buying dev time. And here we are…

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That is not inline with what OP is asking for at all.

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Of course it’s not the same what i had proposed back then.

I just pointed out now the CCP wilingness to consider taking up private orders for dev time.

How can you otherwise classify making a custom ordered in-game items for cosmetic purposes if not a dev time?

I am all for it

Hello Alita, other players.

This would be quite fun, and possibly profitable with enough interest and a competent tailor/design team, not to mention having unique clothes for the thrill of it.

Why not!

I wish you success Alita Black Angel.

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thanks :slight_smile:

Hey, a new revenue stream for ccp?
One that’s not a mandatory spend?
Sure, go wild imho.

this is a single order and it is only related to my pilot. if everyone agrees of course. no commercial idea for profit :slight_smile: if it is accepted. anyone who wants will be able to give such an order to the CCP to make a garment different from those on the general market. of course the production is not free and that is between the pilot and the CCP. the idea is these garments have no in-game market value and cannot be sold.

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Or maybe even better, CCP could gove access to the model, so people could create their own outfits, like for example they did in Minecraft.
go go go CCP

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I want to dress like Bill the Butcher from Gangs of New York.