Light Industry / Textile Manufacturing / Spaceship Custom Body Shop

Good time of the day capsuleers,
What do you think of adding another branch of industry to the Eve world? I was thinking to propose adding light industry and textile industry where OMEGA accounts could create their own clothes upon completing training of certain skills like “Tailoring/Advanced Tailoring/etc” in order to be able to design outfit and other kind of merchandise that in game character could wear. Certain tools would of course need to be created like outfit blank design samples, color palette, elements like decals that could be transformed, painted, etc.
Eg. Let’s say you request a tailor to manufacture some custom costumes for your entire corp. You model it in simulation mode just like with the ship, save your pattern and send it to a tailor. They check the order and give you labor and materials estimate. For tailor to obtain a material one would have to have Planetary Interactions skill. Also, make an outfit worn by your capsuleer disappear or reset to a default ones he/she is killed. Same idea could be applied for a ship body shop except that the skin won’t be lost if one loses their ship.
I understand the the current idea might sound a bit eccentric and not be to the liking of many of you folks, but think of this as an element of gameplay that could potentially bring new players as well as attract current gamers’ attention. The last but not least advantage is that even though this addition might take some time to implement, long term it will free hands and time of those developers whose current priority is working on skins for ships and characters. And even though it’s a purely aesthetical change I strongly believe that it will add realism and immersion to the game.
Please comment on what you think of this! Ideas and justified criticism is always welcomed,
Cheers! :wink:


All that would happen is you would end up with thousands of players wearing nothing but lingerie and bondage gear, and thousands upon thousands of ships that are either hot pink, chrome, jet black, or with phallic symbols all over them. You forget what game this is…

Ships with all kinds of weird decals can be reported and punished by GMs. Do you reporting of those can work just like it does with bots?

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Yet there are still bots everywhere…

All you would end up doing is typing up CCP’s time from thousands of players reporting outfits and symbols they don’t like or think are offensive.

What do you think of the idea overall ?

Knowing the maturity of EVE Online players, it’d just be nothing but dicks and offensive outfits. We’d see someone recreate the KKK gear and Nazi uniforms on day one.

I also don’t want to use up my data plan when the client starts downloading all of these custom outfits and ship skins.

I’m extremely opposed to this idea.

While it’s a neat idea in principle, again, you have to remember what type of game you are playing. If something can be gamed or trolled, EVE players are going to do it. Sorry, but we can’t have nice things…

Is that it? I expected some more responses to tell the truth…

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I’m pretty sure that you are only one of two or maybe three players in the history of EVE that has ever asked for this. We are playing internet spaceships, not internet tailors…

Yet, this is a space sim with its own market and full of other bells and whistles. My point is that what is currently is promoted for purchase using real world money can be implemented in a game. And don’t get me wrong, I am not considering this an easy thing to do but if this feature is useless and no one needs it, what’s the point of any avatar customization and selling clothes on market where most of which are 6 figures and up then?

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Because you would be cutting into CCP’s profits in the EVE store, and they aren’t going to allow that to happen. The only reason our toons even have clothes and outfits is because CCP either gives them to us or we buy them in the EVE store. There are no player-made clothes or skins.

Correct me if I’m wrong but from what I understood you’re saying that less is better than more, correct? No changes is the right way to go simply because there are no free people in CCP to have these changes implemented and create these kinds of industry?
Allowing gamers to do what someone in dev department is currently involved into will stop making them income on skins, that’s the fact. But do you think this is the only way for them to make money? Isn’t there something else that can be implemented into the game that will attract more people therefore increasing cash flow by selling more OMEGA subs? How’s that not an option? How’s that not an effective strategy? How’s this not the way for ccp to demonstrate its (still) loyal audience that they hear and care, and that people and their opinions actually matter and that we all are something more than just wallets?
Or you think that paying in avarage 5-6 bucks per skin per character is the way to go just because there will always be some silly Willy who will pay for it?
Since when this game has become perfectly polished and bugless that freed devs hands to get into something that has no practical use and doing nothing to the game balance?
Apologizing if this last message seemed somewhat aggressive, I’m assuring you that it isn’t. What I’m trying to emphasize on is that there are so many other things to fix which are million times more important than just trying to sell something that can be manufactured by average Joe once given such opportunity.

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There was a time when CCP tried to add avatar gameplay to Eve - it didn’t work out well, got shelved for a few years and eventually the captain’s quarters were removed because it was blocking the transition to 64 bit. I don’t see them going down that road again and fashion has limited value if your avatar is nothing more than a postage stamp in chat.

Ship skins, on the other hand, are a significant source of revenue for the company - unlikely they will transfer that to players.

Edit: Exception - I’d like to see any finished product (including skins) that drops as loot in the game replaced by material/blueprint drops. All finished goods available in game player built.

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@Do_Little, well this what I call some adequate and useful critics that includes some very logical and proper advises. Highly appreciate that,
Thank you!

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Except for the fact that he forgot to include some very important info. The initial premise from CCP for Avatar Ambulation was to promote more Social, Tactical and Commerce activities within the game as well as move forward with their goal of turning Eve from a Spaceship Simulation into a Virtual Reality.

It was suppose to start with Apparel items being manufactured from Tech 1 BPO’s bought from the Noble Exchange, now called the New Eden Store. Those BPO’s would be researched and copied for manufacturing with the BPC’s used to invent Tech 2 Apparel items. The Apparel items would then be sold by player characters - Avatars - from shops located within station environments. There was also plans to have Corporate Meeting Rooms and Command Centers for Tactical applications along with some Social fun and games in Bars and Night Clubs.

The whole idea was widely accepted and greatly anticipated by the player community for a long time, then when it came time for CCP to deliver, they fumbled the ball and fell way short of what was actually promised.

Basically the Captains Quarters was a great idea and looked excellent, unfortunately it was rushed out with no Avatar Game-play Content. The CQ was laggy / slow to load and required more processing power from our computers compared to the regular ships in space content. Add in all the other controversial issues happening back at that time pretty much turned the topic of Avatar Ambulation into a sore subject.

After much time in game with no iterations from CCP and then eventually being removed, it seems for all intents and purposes, the CQ’s main function was to facilitate the implementation of Micro-Transactions into the game.

Anyway, considering the fact that CCP is now owned by Pearl Abyss, I wouldn’t count out the idea of Avatar Game-play content being added to the game sometime in the future. As for your idea, I support it with a +1.

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It’s a wonderful idea, but it will probably not happen ingame, for the reasons mentioned. Maybe if there were narrow rules for inventing and producing fashion, in a limited range of colours and shapes. Also, new skins could be created by players and put ingame, if CCP agrees to, not unlike what we see in Elite Dangerous.


I would love to customize my clothes and ships, the skin and outfit system is pretty much stupid and out of time for a game like this. even for a 2003 game,

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Well, I for one would love to see a giant black fist buttplug on the screen as I am getting ganked in Uedama…

I love this idea but I a similar idea just like in a previous post I just read, and it was brought to my attention by a friend who plays as well, would be how would CCP charge us for skins then?

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