Apparel (Former: Cyberpunk Fashion - Haute Couture)

I forgot about this one so it got locked

When asked about pop culture themed ship skins EVEs art guys said EVE was dark cyberpunk world, so HelloKitty skins and such wouldn’t fit. Yet lately they added so many facial tatoos and implants which rather remind Ben Stillers Zoolander

then really any dark cyberpunk, Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, Alita Battle Angel, Cyberpunk 2077, Syndicate (1993 Bullfrog), Syndicate (2012 EA remake), Deus Ex, etc, you name it.

I know, its spaceships game. But this doll play adds to immersion, and CCP considers character necessary anyway, as people lose ships more easily if its character they’re attached to, not particular ship they fly.

I think there is opportunity and market for this kind of stuff. Consider all possible LP, PLEX, ISK sinks. Suddenly unpopular activities might be populated if reward is right.

Lets discuss and post cool cyberpunk stuff.


[Raffle has ended, we have a winner!] 100,000,000.00 ISK for the first player that sends me an evemail with the correct name of Zoolander’s pose.
Hint; Le Tigre, Blue Steel or Magnum or another?

Miners be like …
Eve online miner!

Also… Buy skins every day!


Racial and faction police army, navy suits. New ones from LP store. Burnt and torn pieces from wrecks. Pirate suits new and torn likewise.


Hey nice post.

Funny actually I’ve never been interested or had the desire to change my appearance.

But I really enjoy seeing my online friends change their portraits and clothing etc.


Why there is no option to pull down the hood on trig suits?


We have a winner !

It does look like Blue Steel but it’s Magnum …

The Blue Steel is almost as intense and impressive and certainly not as soft as ‘Le Tigre’.

Since you were the closest, you win!

zoolander does the…
From: Skenos
Sent: 2019.05.18 08:52
To: Aedaxus,

Blue steel! \o/

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Hi, you must be new here. Looks like the team that build the character creator was laid off four years ago, so all we have left is a couple of interns doing facial tatoos. Once they get the hang of that they are promoted to the paint-by-numbers ship skin department and a new set of interns is appointed.


Thanks @Aedaxus Appreciate it.


I honestly haven’t really met any PvPer who gives a rats ass about it being his character that explodes or his ■■■■■■■ ship and it doesn’t really make any sense to actually give a damn about it, so this whole idea seems rather … let’s call it “weird”.


Arent you the guy that demanded more pantyhose a while back?

I’m the alt STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN of whom people said was I was the sole reason for an increase in PLEX prices back during the Kronos expansion by pushing clothes, bottomless dresses and tights really hard!

I can guarantee you that I never thought “OH MY, MY CHARACTER IS GOING TO DIE, I CAN’T HAVE THAT!” and instead it was more like “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA EXPLOSION WOOOOOOO!” independently of it being me, my ship, you, your ship, your mom, your family, a million NPC people.

I like explosion!
Don’t judge me. :frowning:


If they started selling bishop or vicar outfits I’d resub.

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Now that is some rough and harsh cyberpunk animation.


As I am actually waiting for this game with anticipation I rather enjoyed that.

This one is very nice too.

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The Chemical Brothers - Eve Of Destruction

The name is very appropriate.


I think in our cyberpunk futuristic fashion we don’t have enough PUNK


Hey, does CONCORD have its own suit or combat armor of some kind?


What’s weird is that occasional CCPlease forum post where someone is asking for toons that can be as young as a child.


If we get children pilots I would name mine Anakin420. I’d pod race across the galaxy. Hopefully this never happens.

Still want mountain man beards. Not Brooklyn barrista beards.