The whole outfit: New Eden Store apparel multi-fit?

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Quick disclaimer: I’m a girl gamer, but I don’t pretend to speak for all girl gamers here. So flames should be directed at me personally, not all girls. I don’t trigger easily…

I enjoy shopping for clothing both in the real world as well as the virtual worlds I inhabit. I can’t be alone in this or there would be no “pay for style” areas in any game.

I see many items in the New Eden Store I would like to get for my toon. The problem is that in the NES, as well as irl, sometimes this jacket doesn’t end up looking all that great with that skirt - no matter how cute they are individually. This is why irl we try things on in the dressing room. Since I don’t have tons of disposable PLEX to buy everything in the NES and sort them out later, it would be nice to be able to see how different apparel combinations would look on my toon in the preview window, if that’s at all possible. Perhaps different choices could be dragged and dropped onto a list with boxes that could be ticked to put the item on, unticked to remove the item, so different combinations could be seen. This can already be done in the character customization area with the free apparel available to all capsuleers. Why not the NES as well?

In fact, the most ideal scenario for this would be the ability to swap/try on all apparel choices - even the free ones available to all players in the character customization area - for maximum freedom of style. Perhaps this could be done in the character customization area, with currently available NES items added to the end of the standard clothing option chains, though clearly labeled with a price. At the end of customization, items on the toon that come at a price would be added to a wish list that is saved in the NES and only added to that toon once purchased.

Then those capsuleers that always want to be on point with fashion can have a more convenient way to look their best.

Unless the ability to see only one item at a time (added to whatever your toon happens to be wearing already) is another Jita-esque scheme to get us to spend more. That I could understand and perhaps even condone - though like Jita Local Chat, I would personally avoid it.

It’s just an idea for consideration. And one that, if ignored, won’t make me love EVE any less.

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I do this on Sisi. Everything is 100 isk, you can afford to buy it, try it on, and take snips to compare.

And you are right, until you try it on and look, you’ve no idea of whether or not you want to spend the isk on Tranquility to purchase.

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Correct, but most people do not know that the items are seeded for a low price there, so some avoid going there. I only found that out when I heard that the new Marshal model was already on the CONCORD police flying around some gates and stations and wanted to take a look

If only the ship Marshal was seeded to give it a spin :pensive:

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