Could you please stop simply re-skinning existing suits, coats and instead put more effort into coming up with more designs?

In the above picture from left to right we have yet another instance of the Exploration Suit/Troubleshooter Gear, Esquire Coat, Analysis Coat and a bland T-Shirt.

Instead of the 20ths iteration of the Esquire coat, the 10th of the Exploration Suit and 100ths of the T-Shirt, why not introduce a new design for the clothing lines for this all new project? Why not a Polo-Shirt instead of a T-Shirt, or a T-Shirt with higher collar? Why not a new coat design like this? Lab coats understandably are a bit harder in terms of variety, but you could add some gadgets to the thing like a tablet or clipboard. And for the Suit design, even if you refuse to change to overall design of the suit, add something unique to it like a breathing mask dangling on the back or side because going planet-side on a newly discovered planet may contain all sorts of aerial hazards.

I am aware that most people don’t care about this and are just happy that CCP throws them some gnawed blank bones and they buy in it anyways, but couldn’t you put some more effort into actually making things appealing instead of bland and uncontroversial (in terms of design, not pricing!)? The argument with maintainability that CCP and “informed” players like to use to throw out more variety in these areas is a really weak justification for lack of vision.


There are endless pathways of high tech, low life fashion that are ripe for exploration. Can CCP justify the development cost is another question entirely.


Just unlocked the lab coat. It’s nice yet I don’t quite feel like a bonafide lab technician wearing it.

Now if we had clean suits, that’d be a fantastic way to keep Dust particles out–all 514 of them.


Anyone happen to know where the Men’s/Women’s Corporate Troubleshooter Gear comes from? (the orange ones)

Just learned about this new Midjourney V4 for generating all sorts of amazing designs and images. With the help of that maybe we finally get some really cool suit designs like

instead of the ever same designs rehashed and recolored. With the help of this and other, future AIs, the process of designing and 3d modelling these assets may finally become a thing for players to do as a gameplay profession and not just for developers.