FW empire themed combat suits

It might be an incentive to join FW. The combat suit would have the color theme of the empire you join. Obtainable with LP from the FW corps LP store… and applicable directly to the characters (so can only be bought once). Or if you don’t like that option, make them available through the NES, but then you lose the incentive for FW.

I like the camo style of the berets you can buy from the NES (State Protector Beret, Federal Defender Beret, Imperial Loyalist, Republic Valklear), but it would be nice if I could match it with a combat suit.

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Faction War Combat Suits obtainable from FW Corp LP Stores is a good idea.

However they should not be soulbound or be a one time only option. The whole point in getting items from LP Stores is so players can make ISK by selling them on the market.

As for the various Berets you listed, they all have a clothing line that goes with them for both Male and Female…

‘Imperial Loyalist’ Beret
‘Imperial Loyalist’ Jacket
‘Imperial Loyalist’ Pants

‘State Protector’ Beret
‘State Protector’ Jacket
‘State Protector’ Pants

‘Federal Defender’ Beret
‘Federal Defender’ Jacket
‘Federal Defender’ Pants

‘Republic Valklear’ Beret
‘Republic Valklear’ Jacket
‘Republic Valklear’ Pants

actually i kinda like this idea trigs got those awesome battle suits, right? how about each faction get some of those themselves, i missed my chance to get awesome trig stuff, but an awesome war clone style battle suit for Caldari or even a pirate faction. hell to the yes please #CCPlease

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