For this i will pay more real money

I like to play my only Amarr character. And i like to buy packages and all kinda of stuff.

I would like to se alot more clothing and stuff to personalize my character.

I would like to see empire specific packages that’s focus towards solo characters. I dont want it to include other factions stuff, or cerebral accelerators that i never have been abled to use or multiple character training abilitys.


I agree on that. Not only amarr stuff, but every empire / faction.
And what about ingame corp or alliance merchandise? Wouldn’t it be nice we could have our logo on clothes?
Don’t know if that brings a lot of extra coding… But if corp logo’s can be shown on structures, why not on clothing?


Yeah, that is a great idea. And when you think about it. Why open a store if you only plan to offer the same items for years and years and years. They should realy fill it up. And put in more backgrounds for your portrait. Maybe take your idea even further and be able to put a Corp logo in the background.

And for my suggestions, i realy tried to find a pack now that my omega time is running out. But they are soooooo dry. Im gonna be forced to buy simply omega time to continue to play.

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