CCP Can we have some new cosmetic items?

Can we expect any new cosmetic items any time soon in the New Eden store? it’s been a long time since we had anything new.

I would love to see more cyborg themed accessories and facial augmentations, even full faced robotic augmentations, and some new hair styles and colours are desperately needed so we all don’t look so much like clones of each other. Oh and new tattoos would be great also. And new clothes.

Gameplay updates are always welcome, but it’s about time you focused on character customisation some more please!



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Better than that, can we have a place to admire them? Some sort of a room maybe? A Captain’s Quarters, if you will.

As you are now owned by PA, we know the talent is there to make it happen without melting our graphics cards this time.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’m curious if they’re going to work on integrating some of the shooter tech into eve online. Maybe they’d have to launch a different client to run UT 4 (which is what the shooter is being built on iirc.)

Seems like it would save some development time if they could use the same assets and engine in both games. Something like a station interior for example.

I hate that i liked this

Not a big fan of the cybernetics but when i look at Amarr apparal for my Amarr themed character and this is all that comes up. I dont even :slight_smile:

You can unlike it if you like…

There were some rare robes (more like a cassock) for Amarr, available for purchase included with that infamous

Please. I want to wear the berets AND have hair on my head!!


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