Buying skins with loyalty points

I think it would make a world of sense if I could dock at, for example, an Amarr station and spend some LP to buy a skin that’s associated with that corp or faction. If this is actually in the game already I’ve yet to encounter it. Obviously the LP price would need to fairly steep - I’d say on par with buying a faction-issue BS - but it makes a lot sense lore-wise.

This already exists for FW points to some degree. Can confirm that NPC Faction corps have skins that can be bought with LP

OK, I looked in a Gallente NPC corp store and did find some in Federal Strategic Material. I searched it up and it talks about “resource wars”. Is that a FW thing? I only see one skin for a few different Gallente ships though (and not a particularly good skin IMO). I don’t see any skins in regular LP store.

Bad idea

Resource Wars isn’t FW, it’s a separate mechanic that typically pops up during the empire-dedicated events every year. It consists of sites that are basically asteroid belts. You mine the belt and turn in a certain amount of ore to an Empire Orca within the time allotted in order to get LP and ISK.

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