Resource Wars still available?

I’m looking through the Agency Finder but can’t identify resource wars locations, can anyone help me?

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The sites are still active, they show as Celestial Beacons in the Overview, just gotta do a little bit of traveling to find them.

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yes but RW is pretty useless other than having group content, the lp store is worthless

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Just another case of CCP sweeping stuff under the rug because they were not willing to iterate it to being useful. Even on the test server the player base gave them feedback it was going to be dead on arrival without having at least some sort of advantageous set of products in the LP store. The LP store for the activity is so bad you lose money buying anything in there.

There is only one useful product within that LP store under certain circumstances. The packaged form of the mining barge is so tiny you can stuff a ton of them a single cargo run. However it still costs more than usual… so unless you really need to run packaged barges out in non-industrial ships to a limited access location no point to it.


I’m just interested in the Skins that are offered. I would like to collect those.

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Ccp talked about how they wanted to add fun content but without just constantly power creeping.
For example when they added FOB and they didnt want it to replace incursions or else incursions would just becone dead content.

And they added dead content instead. While FOB rats are tinny drop in needs of game economy, Resource Wars are just wasted dev time.

The concept and implementation of it is sound, it’s reward system is the main reason why most players bypass that content. All CCP needs to do is make the rewards worthwhile to run.


But what exact IS worthwhile.
An example that comes to mind is filiments, instead of being a better isk font killing missions and nul rating, they added whole new materials and ships.
As cool as an idea of having something simular (faction mining crystals for example)
What do you expect from them?
Keep in mind faction crystals are a bad idea because again, trying to avoid power creep.

indeed, to be worthwile they need to have their own niche items.

something like mining boosters, or specific modules. something that odes give a very small advantange (less than 1%) and still allow to have an interest in that activity.


The only items that make it halfway worth the time to run those sites are the ship skins and apparel items, all the ships and modules cost more than what they sell for in the market.

Only other item I can think of is use it as a source of new/replenish fireworks to feed old launchers…liven up the new Dark so to speak.:wink:


instead they have items you can buy on the market for cheaper than what you get from the lp store. most they have is some ship paint and clothes

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