Resource wars missing from agency

What is going on with resource wars?

Its not in the Agency Tab

I found a level 5 site in Minmatar space so part of it is still working

The loyalty point store is still operating in Patar

WTF is going on? Can someone tell me because apparently the DEVs don’t know?

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I believe that CCP have stated Resource Wars is missing from The Agency “by design” … ie they deliberately did not put it in.

Considering they said Resource Wars was being abandoned about 6 months (less?) after it was added to the game I would not count on ever seen anything more about it.

Such a waste.

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Resource Wars still has active sites in-game, they show in the Overview as Celestial Beacons, just have to do a little traveling to find them.

yeah they released it, about a month later revamped the lp store, claimed they couldnt buff the lp store anymore because “new players wont know what to make with all the isk”, older players didnt want to run it because why, younger players didnt want to run it because the older ones werent and why. So CCP said screw it they will now longer touch RW but will keep the code and hand it off to the events team…which you saw for the christmas event.

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