'new' LP store?

whats this “federal strategic material” thing? its notthe normal LP store

Looks like the Gallente Resource Wars corporation. Resource Wars got removed a few months ago, and I’m pretty sure the LP store for it was also taken down.
What is this on? Singularity?

um…tq? im running missions atm on the live server so idk lol

Hmm … maybe I remembered wrong then. Never really participated anyway. Could be that they removed the resource wars sites but left the lp store

sounds like ccp lol. guess resource wars wasnt very exciting

The content was alright, from what I’ve heard. The main problem was that the rewards were ■■■■.

Just like that LP Store, the sites for Resource Wars are still in the game.

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They would leave the stores in for people who still had LP left, assuming the source of the LP was actually removed

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