Abyssal PVP in July, now Ressource wars - what is going on at the moment?

From today’s patchnotes:

Missions & NPCs:

  • Resource Wars sites have stopped appearing in space for the time being while they are sent back to the workshop for some renovation and repurposing.

What was the point behind that? Why did CCP not fix them earlier, by increasing rewards/removing isk cost from LP items, as it resulted in negative payouts. The problems were long known.

I really don’t understand what is going on at the moment. The amount of things you can do in EVE got once more reduced. I know, ressource wars were not run a lot, possibly even less then the old Abyssal PVP, but why remove it? It could have been fixed by increasing the rewards. Just like with Abyssal PVP, problems were brought up all over the forums and reddit, but in this case in a much lower amount. Nothing happened. And now, BANG!!! Gone.

This was, just as the removeal of the old proving grounds, a very bad decision in my opinion. I don’t know why it is not possible to fix such things, that take a few hours of work(if at all) to implement. And now players who enjoyed it again have to suffer, the 2nd time within a year.

What was even worse this time, is the lack of communication from CCP. Resource wars were removed from one day to the other without any note from CCP in advance. Old arenas were announced 2 weeks before(but no clear reasons were given to keep them among the new events).


Better get used to it. CCP has a history of first letting terrible content linger to create frustration for all parties involved and uninvolved (see invasions, FOBs, etc.) and then either remove them or make them worse. In addition to the lack of brain capacity and competence to come up with good features, they also lack the manpower to maintain work on several things at the same time to expand upon them and fix issues of the things they created. They put all their eggs into Abyssal space and Invasions and ignored everything else. Just like they did in the past with Incursions where they started to ignore missions or later on with structures which still have not fully replaced POS and we are still waiting for the promised reimbursement feature for POS and POS modules, many years after structures were introduced.

CCP and their evangelists on the forums will probably tell you that this unanncounced removal is just a feature of current CCP development practices where they do not tell you any minute detail anymore but leave it to you to figure things out and find out the things they did.

It’s a pity, though. I was just about to convince myself to sink some hours into this crap feature to get this Imperial War Reserves jacket. Guess that opportunity is gone now.


Likely because they did not want to fix it that way
… otherwise they would have fixed it that way.

They’ve announced they’re going to remove them …
… and even if they didn’t …
… why the ■■■■ does it matter?

Even more so, why does it matter when barely anyone ever ran them anyway?

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Barely anyone goes into Pochven or runs Abyssal space or runs FOB or Shipyards, compared to null sec exploration, anomalies or missions.

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That doesn’t matter for the point at all …
… and I really doubt your “barely anyone” …
… because I see lots of people in my system alone!

Plus, they’re unlikely to be meant to be farmed by hundreds
… unlike Resource Wars, which looked like they wanted tons of people to do them.

Now they’re gonna put Trigs in RW sites.

Trigs Online, yo.


Im just glad to hear they finally got around to it.

I think it was a good idea, in principle.

The fact that CCP finally decided to do something about Resource Wars after so many years is a good sign. I hope that they will reliably modernize this element of the game. And for example, they will not “forget” to restore RW in any form again to the gameplay.

The fact that once again, CCP is introducing a noticeable change in the game without prior warning is regrettable. The CCP has long had absurdly little communication with the players, and I hope they will regret it bitterly in the end.


They will “forget” to restore them.


Like Teams.

that is what I thought too when I saw the patch notes

Resource Wars was a good concept: a starting place to introduce newer players into group/fleet activities and to encourage player interaction that would lead to social bonding. Veterans ,however, largely either remained in their already established social groups or abandoned RW after determining that other group activities garnered more money. Newer players found higher levels of RW too difficult to solo and still heard the echoes of “trust no one in EVE” in their head.

Trying to establish a reward system that encourages player use while discouraging botting/multiboxing is hard. Remember the goal was to establish and encourage social interaction, not provide another income source for established players. It is a narrow ledge to walk along.

Resource wars were a decent concept poorly executed.

They were made even more redundant by group abyss space. And if they are ever reinstated it will hopefully be done with abyss space.

(instances suck but they don’t have many of the pitfalls group pve has in the sandbox)

I’ll just plant this here:

botting is not multiboxing. if it doable to gain X amount from one omega account, why it’s an nogo to gain 2*X for two?

CCP do not realy care about social interactions if it’s not destruction rather.

The linking of multiboxing and botting was in regards to both activities do not involve social interaction with others to accomplish a goal.

My conversations with the devs both here in these forums and elsewhere indicated that fostering interaction between players, especially newer ones, was a primary goal of RW. So if the devs themselves said they designed it to serve that purpose,…

like i say. i think for current CCP is all interactions means pew pew, nothing more. destruction must cross production and so.

Creating an incentive for veterans to play along newbies, to help them and teach them, and for it not to feel forced is in my opinion is non-trivial task.

Something like this exists in Archeage. There’s a daily quest for players who reached cap level to help a newer player to finish some low level dungeon together. They get different rewards. A veteran gets gilda star daily tokens, a newb gets dungeon loot. Those dungeons autoscale difficulty and are balanced so that they are challenging and rewarding for both. They need each other to finish the dungeon, both get valuable reward, and end up being grateful to eachother. That really is an example of great design.

Eve IMO is not designed to divide players into veterans and newbs as much. Players interact as differently specialized professions. RW sites did not provide incentive for combat oriented players to run them, and miners did depend on combat support being present. The sites are just not challenging an rewarding enough for both.

Anyway, the topic started as a rant and as Arrendis said devs wont read past rant part.

This topic is not meant to rant at all, just to discuss the decision to remove an ingame activity again.

Eve is designed to divide, period.

The core of Eve online is deception, subversion, malice, and distrust. Anyone at CCP that questions why so many players lean towards independent/solo aspects of the game does not belong in the employment of CCP. They are the people who are the reason we have warning labels on the most inane things in life.

They wanted a cold, harsh universe full of piracy, back stabbing, mistrust, etc., and that is what they got along with a player base that is comprised of a lot of people who have learned to play within that universe.

RW as an attempt to get people to “work together” is a joke. Not sure who at CCP believes that would somehow transcend the norm for the universe they’ve been cultivating for over a decade, but don’t leave them alone in a room with a bottle of bleach and a bottle of Ammonia.