[Lifeblood] Resource Wars

Greetings pilots!

Resource wars are now available for you to try out on Singularity. For more general info about the feature, please check this devblog.

The sites are distributed all over high security space and are accessible either by warping to beacons on the overview, or by utilizing The Agency (more info in this forum thread).

There are 5 levels of sites that scale in difficulty, and pilots will have to have sufficient standings and be piloting the correct ship type to enter. Standings are earned when players successfully complete dungeons by mining ore and filling haulers, before the timer runs out. Note that dungeons only accept ships belonging to either the empire which owns the space you are in, or belonging to ORE (Venture, Procurer, etc).

Level 1 (Limited): 0.0 standings; 3 max pilots; Corvettes and Frigates
Level 2 (Minor): 1.0 standings; 4 max pilots; Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers
Level 3 (Standard): 3.0 standings; 5 max pilots; Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers
Level 4 (Major): 5.0 standings; 6 max pilots; Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers
Level 5 (Critical): 7.0 standings; 7 max pilots; Corvettes, Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships

ORE Ships can be used in the following level sites:
Venture - level 1+
Prospect - level 2+
Endurance - level 2+
Procurer - level 3+
Retriever - level 3+
Covetor - level 3+
Skiff - level 4+
Makinaw - level 4+
Hulk - level 4+
Orca - level 5 (this is no longer the case)

We would very much like to hear any and all feedback you have, so please feel free to reply in this thread with your thoughts.
If you find any bugs or strange behavior, then please file a bug report from the in-game help menu (F12).

CCP Turtlepower // Team Genesis

Known issues:

  • Some audio is not yet hooked up
  • Rewards are not yet balanced
  • Some texts and graphical assets are not yet finalized
  • The “Incoming Transmission” window has a non-functioning burger menu

So how does reward distribution work? Do we need to bring in our own firepower to be able to fend off the rats? Will, for instance me, with a battleship, be forced to dedicate a turret slot for a miner to even get rewards?

Can you use faction standings to do higher levels?

Are the opportunities to EARN faction standings via this new pve too?

Level 4 (Critical)… shouldn’t this be Level 5?

Overall, I think this will be great for ppl wanting to role play.


so it is limited in the number of pilots that can get in at all times… i though i heard the contrary somewhere, shame.

The idea is at least partially to provide a means for new players to find groups of like-minded people to play with and form social bonds in an environment where they’re not directly competing (and so get run off or made to feel unwelcome).


Could players post in here what they find on SiSi in regards to site Mechanics? Have questions in regards to when timer starts, what other npcs may show up in site (NPC faction navy, Concord, others).

A couple of questions, rewards? Reward condition? Rewards distribution? In what dungeons (sigh) would a Skiff, Orca fit in?

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indeed - literally no mention of what size sites the mining ships will fit in to, in these new mining sites.

Is there a goal behind having ratters/miners replace manufacturers by giving out fitted ships?

the agency window only shows things in the system you’re currently in - which makes it pointless for finding resource wars sites as they’re already on my overview.

Yep same here.

For group play players limits are way too low? Starting at 2 players?

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There doesn’t appear to be any reward for completing the sites, or at least the limited republic fleet site I completed in a Venture.

I mined the required amount of ore and deposited it into the Orca which was present.
A popup appeared saying “site complete” and everything warped off grid.
The dev blog indicated that you should get some LP for participating.

After finally locating where the new LP is tracked (its in a secondary tab of the LP store of any station, rather than with normal LP or incursion LP in the journal or via the agency interface). It appears I still have 0 LP after site completion.

Also, all the LP rewards appear to be loot boxes with random content except several boxes which give you a frigate/cruiser/battlecruiser/battleship with T1 fittings. Notably all the rewards are priced the same, even the frigate/battleship reward packs.

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also, it’s giving me a warning about my jackdaw not being able to fit in to a tier 2 site - the site for destroyers, in caldari space.

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Dungeons in space? didn’t realise there was ground in space to have an underground room


If this goes live, it will kill production of these ships and modules. Dungeons, gate limits, loot boxes … and now this. The sandbox is dead.

I mean, if you are willing to do it just for T1 ships and stuff, sure, not like manufacturers could gain any profit buying minerals and selling battleships nowadays anyway. How is the sandbox dead if its not forcing it down your throat? You can still go mine actual useful minerals that are in the end more profitable to sell directly than building a T1 ship to sell. These boxes are not random either so you will know what to expect from them, and being T1 modules, well, it’s a good thing, at least it’s not T2, now THAT would severely ruin the economy. All in all I just think this is a way of corps or whatever to group up and just practise fleet mining with a threat I guess, I still want to know if a ship can sit there just to kill the rats.

kinda can’t help feel that the fact that at least 1 player in the group must be a miner - and the hard cap on how many people can come in will lead to lots of failed sites [ergo wasting everyone’s time] because of piss poor design.
especially in the initial announcement it said mining along side - not for - the npcs. ergo, the implication was you could just bring a full dps group and protect the npc miners.

with a 2 man limit on the initial sites, this is going to be painful to standings as the chance of getting a site with no miners is going to be pretty damn high.