[Lifeblood] Resource Wars

You must not have read the original announcement. Ship+fitting packages are to get rookies into space quickly. The price is higher than market value. If anything it could drive more demand for the cheaper player-made versions because players who otherwise might not use them would see that they are desirable.


According to the CSM minutes is to help teach new players the art of ship fitting.

It does seem a strange decision to add perfectly safe dungeons in which you will never lose a ship and spawn in ships and fittings as rewards to those same safe sites in a sandbox game like Eve. I really hope the rewards are balanced appropriately as overly safe new player PvE training sites they are intended to be.


Yeah I really don’t get the cap either, it feels so limited, will there be an abundance of these to compensate? Or are they as the description imply, a Dungeon where two people warp in and work in the “dungeon” and fend off a few rats with hobgoblins in an instanced area?

Really was expecting more out of this, larger fleets and larger threats. It’s called Resource Wars afterall, not Resource Bar Fights.


With battlecruisers and battleships? What is their price, I thought it’s LP only and not ISK?

… anyway handing out player manufacturable stuff by NPCs does mean a step back from the sandbox.

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don’t even need to fight, the npcs are more than capable of killing the rats - this is literally just going to be mining for people who don’t want to multibox and can’t be bothered to haul/sell the ore afterwards.

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Why do you say that? NPCs drop modules when you kill them. They don’t hurt the sandbox, do they? The bigger concern, imo, is that they might serve as a theoretical ceiling price for the mineral basket.

no, because the drops from rats are only obtainable that way - rats don’t drop entire hulls, as they are player manufactured.

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Tutorials give out hulls. Has that broken the game? I don’t see how the source of a product particularly matters as long as acquiring the product in the most interesting way is the most incentivized way to acquire it.

apples and oranges.

one is infinitely repeatable, the other (afaik) isn’t.

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Rats drop meta modules. Which, not too long ago, CCP wanted to change by making everything player manufacturable and destroyable but they stopped with some capital modules. This does just not fit.

This is a bit of a rant … how the hell should new players learn something about EvE with this mechanic? Every single aspect is suggesting EvE to be a different kind of, actually standard PvE MMO kind of game …

… the loot box problem can be fixed easily, by handing out three things, the ISK to buy the stuff, the skillbooks, and a pre-defined fit. Alternatively a blueprint copy of the hull.


Can’t someone create any number of alpha accounts now, if they wanted to farm tutorial mission loot? It takes effort there, and it takes some effort to ‘farm’ the rewards here, too.

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so - if the hostile npcs in the site get killed by the friendly ones - and if you don’t bring a mining ship you’re instantly going to fail the site (because you know no one else will bring one - and you can’t control who joins your ‘instance’) what use are any ships other than mining ships in these sites?

the site ends once you place the ore anyway, combat ships seem completely redundant and useless.

in fact, because combat ships don’t contribute to loading ore in to the hauler - it will slow down the site and lower my isk/hour. why would i want random pilots in combat ships in my site? they are doing nothing but lowering my isk/hour by not contributing to the site completion.

The dev blog doesn’t say anything about NPC’s fighting each other. ofc, if you can ‘tank’ the NPC pirates, you don’t need combat help.

If you choose to mine with the fleet, your role will be to gather the resources as quickly as possible and deposit the rare ore into waiting haulers. If you fit for combat, you will defend the fleet miners against the incoming pirates and their reinforcement waves. After your force enters a site, mine the asteroids and eliminate the pirates as quickly as possible before heading to the next site once the haulers are filled and warp away.

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doesn’t matter what it says - i’m telling you what’s on sisi right now. npcs that get killed by other npcs that you are able to 100% ignore.

which means combat ships have 0 purpose but to take up space and stop you bringing more mining ships - thus slowing down your isk/hour.

ok it seems the destroyer size sites don’t have friendly npcs in them.

still probably tankable in a venture if you put more than a single t2 shield booster on it - although ecm is obnoxious as hell.

i imagine once you get to the cruiser sized sites you can bring a procurer which will have very little trouble tanking anything, i’d imagine.

this is solo - i imagine if you spider tank it with rep drones on top of local reps then it becomes even more laughably pointless to bring combat ships.

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Why no Level 5? :rofl:

I’m not on the CSM, but it seems that its supposed to work like this:

I’m a newbro. I sign on, sitting in my station in my Venture, and see in my Agency panel that there’s a level 1 site in my system. I ask on local, “anybody want to help me take down this site? PM me”.

Another newbro flying around ratting is also bored, sees the help request, and responds. We work it out in PM, or maybe right on local. Maybe some experienced players slip in first, but we’ve worked out a partnership, so we go looking for other sites in nearby systems…

Eventually, two strangers connect to build a small amount of trust. Next time, the two invite a third lonely bored newbro… soon you develop a network of friends who are on at the same time as you, and share the same home system or constellation. From there you start ratting parties, or start rolling lo-sec miners, or start defending lo-sec miners as an adhoc fleet.

If you fail (to bring a miner), what have you lost except time? Get out, find another, start over. You’ll have learned something about the game mechanics. Max pilots is to keep the sites from being harvester sites, which defeats the goal…

I believe the goal here is to form early trust networks with other (new) users. I don’t think its intended to appeal to players who can already form questions about ISK/hour, who farm, who are part of active corporations, or who have alts.

Will it work? I don’t know, but it’s interesting enough to give a try. As an Agency component, if it starts altering game balance, it can be easily popped, right?


Nope, you learn what EvE is not. An instanced (co-op) PVE MMO about mining with ready-fit ships handed out by NPCs as reward.


Perhaps they don’t want to confuse us with that number, because “level 5 missions” are for lowsec.