[Lifeblood] Resource Wars


(Cognak) #46

Well said!

(Soleil Fournier) #47

These are “Resource Wars.” What are the empires getting out of this? What effect on them will these resources have?

Caldari should be competing against Gallente, Amarr should be competing against Minmatar. There should be some sort of tracking metric, and whoever is winning the war, should get bonuses/rewards empire wide. That will help give these sites a bit of purpose and meaning rather than being “just another site.”

What does the individual pilot get? If it’s just ISK/LP, well I can get that from missions and incursions so these sites would lack purpose and meaning. These sites need to drop loot that is unique and in demand. Skins won’t do that, that’s a temporary burst of excitement rather than being sustainable long term. Think in terms of what Geckos are to Ghost sites or Tech 3 is to WH, and add something like that to these sites.

(Parra Doxx) #48

First, I meant “game mechanics” in the sense of Tab A into Slot B. There’s all kinds of signs indicating that its a mining mission, etc. Players will learn to read better.

Second, I do see your point. Honestly, however, I don’t think new players are going to tell their friends, “Hey, try this instanced (co-op) PVE MMO about mining with ready-fit ships handed out by NPCs as reward” just because they completed a Level 1 Resource Wars site.

It’s nearly impossible to play EVE without interaction: eventually everyone gets ganked, at the very least. If you are conflict adverse, then you still have to be aware of everyone in system, and so on. However, I do think it is possible to EVE solo: solo ratting, solo mining, solo pirating. THAT is a travesty (when it happens by default), and I think this expansion is supposed to help prevent that.

I’m willing to accept that it might not – that new players may develop an entitlement attitude with false expectations – but I’m willing to give this a shot and see.

(Kevin Brant) #49

I tried, but got the “Can’t Activate” error, and the reason being standing, but when I go to info on the beacon, it shows I should be able to access.

Submitted bug report.

(Buzz Driver) #50

I have finished a few Amarr Resource war sites. I picked them since Blood Raiders seemed like the hardest NPC to deal with (em and therm damage vs shields). The Venture I used was cap stable, had 66% em resist, 64% therm resist and shield boosted for 17.5 hp / second with full T2 equipment.

The 4 Limited (level 1) sites I tried I could solo without problems. I used my drones to fight the NPC’s in the first three sites, but the frigates are tough and fast (1450m/s) so I never managed to kill one. In the last site I didn’t use drones at all. The payout was a puny 3, 5, 5 and 5 ISK.

The Minor (level 2) site was a lot tougher. I failed my first two sites, but didn’t loose my ship. The third attempt succeeded, but I had to warp out twice to loose aggro, because the three NPC cruisers in there can easily take me into hull if I sit still. The payout was… nothing, not even a 0 isk notification.

In total, after finishing 5 sites (4 limited, 1 minor), I have been rewarded 4 times for a total of 18 LP and 18 ISK. I never managed to kill any NPC’s, and in the Limted sites I recieved the same reward regardless if I used my drones or not.
My standing was increased 5 times (from earliest to latest increase: +0.167, +0.17, +0.174, +0.177 and +0.181). The type of site don’t seem to impact the standing gain, and I seem to gain more as my standing go up, which is unusual (I double checked the time of each increase, I have listed them in the right order).

So far I like this, but I have only scratched the surface of it. It’s different than other PvE, but I consider that a good thing. It is perhaps a bit on the hard side, not exactly newbie friendly, since a certain amount of fitting and NPC damage type knowledge is required to survive.

Edit: Two more minor things. Each roid seems to have 100m3-ish of ore, and the ore vanishes from cargo when warping out of the site. Normal belt rats will also spawn in these sites, and some of them use ewar (I had TD from sanshas on me).

(Buoytender Bob) #51

Good report,thanks.

(Amarisen Gream) #52

I don’t know about you guys. but I like those new accel gates

(Vollhov Jr) #53

Offer for Resource Wars:

  1. Change Blood Raiders to EoM (Equilibrium of Mankind) or Puritans. The Amarr Empire. (Variety of enemies)
  2. Factions standings pls… Raising the Stands specifically for the corporation is nonsense.

(Donkyhotay) #54

The problem is that fleeting with random people in local is a game of russian roulette. Eventually a newbro will encounter someone who would prefer to kill his fleetmate for loot/tears with no concord penalty and defeat the purpose.

(Abyss Azizora) #55

Tested a few limited and minor ones myself, I was shocked to see it’s genuinely hard content. The npcs are equivalent to well equipped player ships, (With lower dps of course.) they are DEFINITELY not newbie friendly, which is what shocked me, these sites would eat poorly equipped newbies alive if the npcs had scrams/points on them. (The first two difficulties had only webs that I could see.) The frigates are also fast enough to easily outrun hobgoblin II’s, swapping to warriors/acolytes helped immensely though.

Expecting these to be noobie friendly at the lower tiers and had a slightly weaker tank than Buzz did, and had a un-bonused shield booster II and adaptive shield II equipped, and found myself entering armor by the end of the first limited mission. (Rats would have easily popped my 50% omni resist venture if the friendly npcs hadn’t absorbed part of the dps, as they did around 75-90 dps combined.)

Don’t be fooled, these are not easy solo content only for noobs, and I can imagine higher tier ones IV-V will be genuinely difficult for vets too. Personally, I’m damn happy with it so far, I was expecting easy as hell content on par with level 1-2 missions, what we’re getting is sleeper tier npc AI, in non laughable fits, of escalating difficulty, minus scram/points (so far.)

Also the agency window needs to BADLY increase the range you can see these sites at, finding a newbie one took me almost 20 minutes to find.

UPDATE: OH! Forgot to add something REALLY important, you can only use ships from the racial faction of the sites. Meaning you can only use Amarr ships in amarrian sites. (Or Ore ship obviously.) I understand why they did this, but some factions have rather poor ships in certain categories, such as amarr frigates being… underloved by ccp. While gallente frigates are overpowered across the board. This creates disparity in ease of doing certain sites.

(Abyss Azizora) #56

Yeah, I too predict that will render these sites useless for PUGs in short order, but they will still offer solid content for pre-organized groups and corps in the long run. (Or I assume they will, I haven’t gotten to try the harder ones yet, or see if the rewards are worth a damn.)

(Parra Doxx) #57

True. This is true no matter what in EVE. The people I fleet with for mining may cruise up on me someday and render me to ash. And I’ll probably give them one more chance before I shoot on sight.

As others are reporting, and my experience too, the actual rewards make the difficult challenge worth completing. Ganking the low level mining ships is not worth missing out on the loot. I hope that’s enough to allow this deployment to succeed.

(Black Pedro) #58

You can’t kill a fleet mate without a CONCORD penalty in highsec which is only where these sites will spawn.

Sure, like any multiplayer online game you my be frustrated by lazy moochers or incompetent players grouping up with you and slowing down how fast you complete these site, but these sites will regardless be the safest in the game keeping criminals and randos without standing out and you near perfectly safe from the other players until you leave the site.

(Beidorion eldwardan) #59

This may be the least eve like additions i have yet seen

let’s break it down
reward but limited amount of ships in a site - so a pve safezone ??? wtf
If i have max amount of chars i can make isk in a place that no one else can get to. you have to see just how bad an idea this is.

do not make safespace in Eve that ■■■■ belongs in platform or linear games
open the sites to ganking / interference
use reward size to create effective limitation on number of people that would want to run the site
restrictions to ship size and or type i am fine with.

when you create stuff like this you have to consider how it can be abused or how it goes along with the way eve works and seperated dungueons may be the least eveonline thing i have yet seen

worse even than Fozzie… and yes i know you prefer to call it aegis but hey i am a costomer so i can call it what i want :slight_smile: as long as i am respectful

(Arcanith Lionheart) #60

I dont know how the rewards are asides the boxes with ships in them that you buy with LP, but I think I would have prefer to use those chars for l4 missions rather than mining for LP when I am certain that just sitting in a random belt is more profitable than these sites. L4 are pretty safe themselves because nobody bothers to look around to gank I guess, so to call this a particularly unique safezone its going a bit over the top, these sites are done within minutes anyway so what point is there to warp in a place and attack someone that happens to be guarded by NPC ships?

(Evie Fray) #61

This has all ready been said, searching for sites needs to be improved. Where my character was on Sisi, I only had one site show up. And that is after setting it to max distance. Can not help but think, if this is not sorted. It could turn people off doing resource wars. If they have to spend an age, trying to find a site.

(z0rberg) #62

Has anyone tested how to possibly enter the sites from outside?

(Chan'aar) #63


Could you please give us more info on which ship types can enter which complex please?

Specifically which complexes can the following enter

  • T2 Expedition Frigates
  • Mining Barges
  • T2 Frigates (Assault Ships, Interceptors, Logi Frigates, Electronic Attack Ships)
  • T2 Destroyers
  • T3 Destroyers
  • T2 Cruisers (HACS / HICS / Recons, Logisitics)
  • T3 Cruisers
  • T2 Exhumers
  • T2 Battlecruisers (Command Ships)
  • T2 BattleShips (Marauders)


(CCP Turtlepower) #64

No, you will still get rewards even if you don´t mine or deposit ore into the haulers. Anyone who contributes to a NPC pirate kill will get the same rewards as those who mine and deposit.

(CCP Turtlepower) #65

No and no.