Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars

With the next big expansion EVE Online: Lifeblood coming 24 October, we’re introducing an exciting new feature called Resource Wars.

Resource Wars will enable you to continue fighting for your Empire in sites called Mining Expeditions all across high-sec space! You can join either as miner supporting your Empire or as pilot defending your team against NPC pirates.

Read more about this new feature, the different levels, rewards, how you join and more in the latest dev blog Introducing Resource Wars



Not quite sure what to make of that yet… Details, Phantom! We want more details!

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can we have the same for lowsec, but for pirate factions against the empire?

how can those with high standings for a pirate faction help the pirate faction?

thanks! :smiley:


By ganking the miners.

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A few questions come to mind immediately:

Is this new ore solely used for the LP and ISK reward from the Resource Wars corporations, or can it be refined into minerals as well?

Will these LP stores have the standard array of LP rewards in addition to the reward crates?

Will these LP stores have any unique rewards other than the reward crates?

Can these sites be run solely in combat ships or does it require a player to be mining as well?

Will these new corporations have missions or will these new secure sites be the only way to acquire their LP?

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More blogs on Resource Wars to follow :slight_smile: We will definitely go into more detail!


New content I’d good, but maybe some older stuff should be fixed first? (Crimewatch v3.0 pls)

The ORE won’t be refinable.

The LP stores will not have the same rewards as other stores, they will have a selection of reward crates. You will know what is in the crate before purchase though.

More info on the rewards to follow in a later blog.

The sites will require a player to also be mining, or a hybrid miner/combat.

Currently this will be the only way to acquire the LP.


Nonono, that’s seperate! :smiley:

Thanks! I look forward to more information in future dev blogs!




It’s one organizational link highseccers are missing. :smiley:

I don’t like him. I’m more of the #TheFederationMustBeDestroyed kind of guy. :blush:

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Sounds interesting, but more details are needed … the most intriguing thing, do I read it right, these are NPC fleets and NPC FCs?

The second important question, will those sites be shielded from PvP interdiction or are there PvP options?

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You just killed all my hype.


Oh for god sake. The end is still nigh guys :frowning:


Yeah, it may become difficult to get a highsec miner to help here …

It’s rather difficult trying to get bots to join your fleet to help you.