Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars

They aren’t RNG. It’s just a container with multiple items.

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Interesting info in this dev blog! Happy for the new content!

I am expecting some noted public fleet makers to have fleets ready for newbies and other HS residents. This may bring some good cooperative gameplay. Looking forward to see how it plays out. :rocket:

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Yet. They aren’t RNG yet!
RNG loot boxes in the NES sure to follow.


Looking foward for more updates! I do enjoy mining every now and then, so this will be nice to see

But I am more concerned about my future battleship waifu right now, dying to get my hands on a Marshal :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh. It’s a container with a set list of items and we will tell you what is in the crate :slight_smile: It’s exactly the same as having a list of items… only they are presented in a more aesthetically pleasing way


If such a change is announced, I will fully join in the uproar against them. Until such a time, I understand that the crates are simply a means of delivering multiple items from a single LP store purchase.

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Why crates at all? Sounds like a useless gimmick for things I already know to be inside.


Thanks! We’re super excited to see the veteran community help their newbros. We have received feedback on creating more opportunities for this at the last 2 fanfests, so we can’t wait to see it in action.


This reference to “capacity” refers to payout or participation right? This isn’t some sort of instanced PvE content locked away from the greater universe?

I’d imagine tying multiple distinct items to a single LP purchase is rough to code. Even if not, it just looks cleaner.


Well… lets see… you could mine some shitty Materials for Items of questional Value instead of lets say ICE and ORE to sell it in the Market to gain some regular good old ISK?

Yea, sounds awesome…


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LP stores have a technical limitation that only allows for the transaction of a single item. Using a crate lets them work around that by dropping one item that has multiple inside.

Doing it this way makes it faster to get the finished product out, because they won’t have to refactor the LP store to allow for multiple items from one transaction.


You know crates have been in Eve for over a year now, right?

And they can be RNG.

It’s just a way to package up multiple items in a single drop.

But no, you want to tinfoil.


@CCP_Affinity Can you explain this part?

These reward crates will also contain a selection of ships with basic modules to complete a fit and a fitting plan.
As these ship packages feature a unique Resource Wars SKIN and will be available via the LP store through all stations in each empire’s sovereign high-sec space, they will cost more than purchasing the same hull straight from the market.

I don`t understand it. Is it new mechanic? Now we have ship hull (1 item), ship SKIN (1 item)ю
What i can het as reward:

  1. Ship + permament SKIN
  2. Ship + limited time/onedeath SKIN

The sites will require a player to also be mining, or a hybrid miner/combat.

How do you want check it?
Can i use full combat ship with mining drones?


Just looking at quite a few of CCPs management decisions over the last 3 years, it sure isn’t a long shot to expect RNG loot crates in the NES soon™.


There will be a max capacity in the site to maintain performance within the sites and also have balanced rewards and not just complete chaos. It’s the same as sites that have keys currently though so this isn’t new. You can always bypass the gates in other creative ways like you currently do if you so wish :slight_smile:


Shield battleprocs do 175 dps, and have pretty big buffers.

They also mine.


The acceleration gate will only let a fixed number of people in the dead space pocket (hinted by new texts on SiSi). So yes, this looks like a kind of PvP-shield. But otherwise the fair payout mode would be difficult to achieve without copying Incursion mechanics.


It’s a new way to deliver multiple rewards at once for 1 price in the LP store. Reward crates aren’t new. We’re just packaging up items.

As for the mining/combat… you can do it any way you want, the site listens for haulers filled with ORE and NPCs killed.


The sites will have a maximum capacity,


So they fill it up and lock everyone else out… how is that okay?