Dev blog: Introducing Resource Wars


(Nunosh) #41

Silly question time: how can I join to those missions? dock on any those NPC stations and talk with the agent?

(CCP Affinity) #42

There will be more info on ways to join coming soon, but one way is to locate the sites in high sec space :slight_smile: They will appear on the overview like the event sites

(Shailagh R) #43

L4M need 1 Tank 2 DPS 2 Healers

Lol ccp this is garbage and you know it.

Csm shame on you. Your “feedback” is obviously trash.

Shame on you csm. You are part of the swamp

(Aspecter en Welle) #44

Not instance!

(Tipa Riot) #45

This will be a bitter pill to swallow, as it for the first time breaks the sandbox.

It’s not the same as with keys, as a hunter I’m always carrying the most important keys with me. There is no meaningful way to circumvent a hard cap.

(Steve Ronuken) #46

Got to love how judgemental you’re being over this, with the feature overview blog.

You have no idea how people find these sites. You have no idea on the payouts. You have no idea on how many people can be there. But you’re still going to insult us. Good job.

I can think of at least two way to gank people doing these.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #47

It seems premature to complain that you will be completely unable to sneak into these mining sites. But surely highsec is full of mining ships in easily accessible asteroid belts already? They aren’t mining for LP, but because they want the material they are mining, to use or sell directly. That is the real resource war.

(yellow parasol) #48

good enough for me! :smiley:

(Shailagh R) #49

The dev just said the site “capacity” will work like current gates with keys.

When you scan down a mission ship in say room 3. You warp to the first pocket/room abd must take gates.

Else you try some wild midwarp bookmark insanity and fly for hours or some ridiculous ■■■■.

You cant just probe down a ship in a key-gated pocket and warp there, you warp to the gate that this dev clearly said will inform you that the pocket is “at capacity”

(Sterling Blades) #50

Isn’t bypassing gate restrictions a listed exploit?

(Shailagh R) #51

This dev is obviously ignorant on how this works currently for like mission baiting/ninja salvaging

(Tipa Riot) #52

Yes it is an exploit … for FW sites:

(Kalaratiri) #53

Any way to assist the pirate factions? In an actual measurable way, not simply ganking site runners.

(Sterling Blades) #54

Ah, my mistake.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #55

This. So much this.

(CCP Affinity) #56

Not with the initial release :slight_smile:

(Steve Ronuken) #57

How about you sit on the gate, and gank as they arrive?
Or you enter the site before they do, and gank when they turn up?

Or is that too hard for you?

(Arrendis) #58

Because it’s not the only site of its kind?

(DaOpa) #60

Looks like my suggestion was on target… wooot!

(Manny theMiner) #61

I was hoping this was some kind correction to the broken War Dec mechanic that allows AFK miners to simply drop their Corp and become invincible by hanging out in NPC.

Alas, disappointment continues.