[Lifeblood] Resource Wars


(Arcanith Lionheart) #68

Sweet, thank you for clarifying that!

(Arcanith Lionheart) #70

Wait, so we got people complaining its safe, and we got people complaining its not safe…

Which one is it afterall? Either one thing or the other

(CCP Turtlepower) #71

Sorry about that! Adding it to the original post now.

(Chan'aar) #72

I’m currently on SISI and cannot see any of these sites via The Agency interface. Set to any distance, any corp, any tier nothing shows up?

(z0rberg) #73

Don’t worry. You’ll be shot as well.

(Black Pedro) #75

You missed the Porpoise in your edit.

(CCP Turtlepower) #76

T2 Expedition Frigates - Level 2+
Mining Barges - Added all these to the original post
T2 Frigates (Assault Ships, Interceptors, Logi Frigates, Electronic Attack Ships) - Level 1+
T2 Destroyers - Level 2+
T3 Destroyers - Level 3+
T2 Cruisers (HACS / HICS / Recons, Logisitics) - Level 3+
T3 Cruisers - Level 3+
T2 Exhumers - Added all these to the original post
T2 Battlecruisers (Command Ships) - Level 4+
T2 BattleShips (Marauders) - Level 5


(CCP Affinity) #77

While this is not the right venue for this post, this is a thread for test server feedback on defects and issues, we will address this so we can get back on topic.

The site has 2 rooms, the staging room for the site has no gate restrictions of any kind and anyone can enter. The 2nd room, while yes it is restricted by standings, ship type and max participants, it is also on a short timer. Once the timer expires, you can no longer remain in the site and the timer starts the second the first player warps into the site so there is no avoiding initiating the timer. Once the timer expires, you are no longer safe, so these sites are not unlimited safe space and are not an effective way to hide.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #78

What are you even talking about? You certainly don’t realise that despise having the skills to fly a ship you still need to learn how to fly it as a person. Get outta here and go rant elsewhere, people that have spent years playing the game are actually content that CCP is working on delivering content, Null and Low has Moon Mining and the newbros and High Secs have Resource Wars, you saying that the “vets” are getting nothing? Oh whats that then, a station that rips apart a moon to blow it up into asteroids? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

(Agava Funaila) #79

On Caldari Lv 2, 3 ECM Gila ar i thing to many, when only can 3 ppl and up to destroyer. Some ppl that will want to do them in 2 ships and that make it that 2 will be ECM and can do a think. If this can be invested.

(Schmell) #81

Can’t login on test server right now to see for myself, but gotta ask here, since the first thought that came into my mind when i saw “x max pilots” was following: “hey, you can create ■■■■ ton of alts to intentionally occupy those complexes and ■■■■ over everybody”.

So, how abundant those sites are and what are defences agaist those kinds of malicious intents?

(Buzz Driver) #83

After completing 12 Amarr sites, I now have enough standing to do the Standard (level 3) one which allows mining barges to enter. So I fitted a cap stable Procurer for as much tank as I could (double MSB for 69hp/sec, 67% EM, 64% Therm) and took it out.

I have tried 3 Standard sites. Failed two and then soloed the third, mostly due to pure dumb luck with the random NPC Orca placement (they are the ore drop off points). My Procurer’s tank wasn’t stable with whole room aggro, but it can last for minutes before having to warp out. This is not a problem however, because the NPC’s only aggro on warp in and when I use drones against them. If I ignore them they will eventually switch over to the friendly NPC’s and leave me alone.

This site didn’t feel dangerous at all, the NPC’s were just too easy to avoid. It’s was also possible to solo this as long as the NPC Orca’s spawn close to eachother and close to the asteroids.
I haven’t tried it, but I speculate that a 10MN AB Procurer that warps out and back in (to clear aggro) will be able to solo a fair number of these sites as things currently are.

(Chan'aar) #84

Thank you!

(Donkyhotay) #85

I thought fleeting up with someone opens you up to ganking. Could have sworn I heard of a scam where people would convince someone to fleet with them (usually under the pretense of helping them web/warp) but then blow them away.

(CCP Dren) #86

This will be fixed before release

(Chan'aar) #87

The Minmatar Minor site is quite hard, facing 5 archangel Cynabal’s in Ventures is daunting.

Especially as the ones I have tried have not had any Rep Fleet Ordinance combat ships in them.

(Black Pedro) #88

Nah. I think that was the case way back in the very early days, like 10+ years ago but just fleeting up with someone doesn’t cancel CONCORD protection. If that was the case Incursion fleets might be more interesting.

I think the web-into-warp thing you are thinking of is the ruse of convincing someone being bumped to accept a duel with you so you can “help” them by webbing them but instead the criminal just shoots them. I guess that could still happen in one of these sites with some creative social engineering, or maybe some ingenious AXOXing where you somehow help the NPCs to get the other people in the site exploded to take their stuff, but they will be protected from straight out attack by CONCORD as usual.

(Tipa Riot) #89

But you will only show sites you have found yourself before, right?

(Dave Stark) #90

there appears to be absolutely nothing to stop people doing this, even worse is that they get rewarded for doing so. i know i’ll be doing it.

why put any effort in when you can just warp in to a site and do next to nothing for the same payout?

at least in incursions you can remove non-participants from your fleet, and non-participants outside your fleet don’t get rewarded anyway.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #91

You are aware that in order to get the rewards you can at least get the rats, but the rewards are only awarded if the hauler is fully loaded right?