[Lifeblood] Resource Wars


(Dave Stark) #92

yes, i’m aware the site only completes if the haulers are filled - but let other people do it and i’ll get rewarded anyway.

i already pointed out that dps ships will contribute nothing but extending site times several posts ago as so far, the sites look easily tankable with local reps only - which is made easier by the fact that the tanky mining ships also have drones that are more than capable of fending off most rats.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #93

I reckon the lvl 1 and 2 can, but I do hope the other ones require some effort into it, I want to see a good excuse to actually bring in a battleship in the higher lvl missions

(Penance Toralen) #94

At what level can the porpoise enter these sites.

(Dave Stark) #95

the problem is since killing the rats contributes exactly naff all to site completion - there’s no real reason to bring any combat ships what so ever unless the rats are able to tank 30 drones from skiffs/procurers. i mean, i’m simulating 140 dps on a procurer on sisi without any damage mods other than the hull bonus using hobgoblin IIs. so you’re looking at a minimum of 800+ dps - most t1 battleships won’t do a great deal more than that - especially not out to 40km+

also if you’re in a battleship size site - you’re going to have orcas, i’m getting 385 dps out of one of those with vespa IIs. 6 of those is over 2k dps - well in excess of what a t1 battleship can produce. that is, assuming you don’t just spider tank the living daylights out of the site and completely ignore the rats.

(mkint) #96

You haven’t been paying attention. To get paid, you have to do more than just show up. You have to either a) contribute to filling the hauler, or b) kill an NPC. I’m far more concerned about the rewards. Unless I read something wrong, the rewards sound like almost nothing. This entire feature could be DOA if the reward can’t attract players at all.

(Dave Stark) #97

no, you haven’t been paying attention - you have to reach a minimum. after that everything else you do is wasted effort. so why would you do more than the minimum? besides, killing an npc from what i’ve seen so far does 0 to contribute to completing a site anyway.

warp in, do the bare minimum, and let everyone else carry you. who cares if it slows down their isk/hour - you’re getting your isk for mostly watching netflix. ■■■■ yeah!

(mkint) #98

You already showed up with a ship that can mine. Sites last only a couple minutes. I don’t doubt that there are petty assholes who would show up just to do nothing. But it doesn’t matter… it’s not a communal reward. You go into it knowing how much effort you expect to put in, and how much reward. If there’s space for a lazy rando (except it’s not just lazy, it’s maliciously passive aggressive because it sounds like most of the work is just showing up) you weren’t planning on needing him, so even if he does the bare minimum it still helped your completion times.

(Dave Stark) #99

uh, yes it is - everyone in the site gets rewarded.

if people in the site aren’t contributing to making the site go faster, that’s hurting your income.

blizzard faced this exact problem when they implemented the LFR dungeons. people would just /follow a ranged dps/healer around and roll on loot drops without participating in the fighting. it really pissed off a lot of people.

unless he’s in a mining ship - no they didn’t.

(ISD Fractal) #100

Just a quick reminder to keep this thread on-topic please. Help the devs with sorting through feedback by taking other discussions elsewhere. Thanks!

(Dave Stark) #101

removed because ccp edited it without telling me and left it as a random out of context post that no longer made sense.

(Buzz Driver) #102

I have thought about this too. Currently every site display a statistic over the number of NPC’s killed, so it looks like there are plans to use it for something. We just don’t know what yet (at least I don’t). Maybe there will be a kill requirement added later, in addition to the ore requirement? Or maybe each kill will just increase the rewards from the site? The only way to know, is to wait, to ask, or preferably: troll the devs until they accidentally reveal their secrets.

(Chan'aar) #103

Will there be mining crystals for the T2 Strip Miners for these new ore’s?

(Penance Toralen) #104

Considering the inability to be able to refine - I would regard additional skills as a waste. For the regular mining missions; those unique ores are equivalents to normal belts ores. e.g. Oeryl is a variant of Dark Ochre, thus you can use Dark Ochre mining crystals for increased m³/s. (L4 Feeding the Giant). Maybe we can see an extension of this thematic into the Resource Wars.

(Doctor Labori) #105

Can we adjust settings a bit? I’m mostly finding sites I can’t enter because of standing issues (like 5.0 - 7.0) very hard to test something if you can’t get in…

(Eowine) #106

I noticed alot ppl pointing out that bringing combat ships on that sites doesnt make any sense, because rats can be ignored, if ur tank holds the damage.

How about this:
Currently every wave spawn is triggered by killing all rats from previous wave. Lets make all wave spawn by a timers. If you ignore incoming waves, u will be floaded by rats very shortly and even best spider tanking wont be able hold incoming dmg. Maybe that would give more reasons for bringing combat ships on this sites.

(z0rberg) #107

You piqued my curiosity.

(Abyss Azizora) #108

You sir/madam are officially smarter than the average CCP developer. A brilliant idea that instantly solves the problem.

(Dave Stark) #109

and unless the ships can tank over the 800 dps that’s easily achievable by a group of procurers - there’s still going to be no need for combat ships even if there is an npc ship kill requirement.

considering you have no control over who enters the site - there’s going to be lots of frustration on release when 2 combat ships enter a site and instantly fail it as nobody’s going to be doing any mining.

(Dave Stark) #110

it further encourages stacking miners. so you mine faster than rats spawn.

it doesn’t solve the problem, it makes it worse.

i would say tie it to the amount of ore mined - but that’s only counted once you deposit it inside the ships, and considering the size of ore bays on everything but the cov/hulk it’d be meaningless.

(Kaivarian Coste) #111

hehe… lets hope the tears will be bountiful.