[Lifeblood] Resource Wars


(Jeremiah Saken) #112

I don’t like hard caps of players that can enter the site. Imagine I’ll create a group of players to do those and can’t enter because somebody is already inside without max players capped. What then? Flying around region? In BSs for example? Rewards should be diminished by how many players helped with site, not hard capped, it would be better self-regulation. Also giving builded hulls and modules? Why not BPC? How rewards will be scaling? For 5 lvl sites for example? Can we have a peak what will be inside LP stores?
Will they be shown on new Agency window always or after we found them by exploring?

(Krima Sumyungi) #113

I’m just stopping in here to collect all of these delicious tears. ROFL

(HunterK en Daire) #114

Not sure what you guys are seeing but i am a skilled player and getting chewed in lvl1 mining frigate.

Maybe because i am gallente and the frigates are daredevils. Even with aug drones the frigates rarely die and the sites despawn before i get mining enough.

i can make it getting points but lethal for single venture in lvl 1.

The npc figates achieve nothing for me and yet to see them kill one.

(Abyss Azizora) #115

It’s not just you, other players are just trying to leave that part out as it makes them look weak. The npcs are no joke solo, you’d have to fit for pure tank to handle them solo in mining ships. (Combat vessels have no real issues if fit correctly though.) I did the first site in a venture and it barely held together with a tech 2 fit and all lvl 5 skills, a newbie would have to warp out or die. However doing another in a vengeance assault frigate I could just annihilate npcs leisurely. I think the assault frigate with a highslot dedicated to a remote shield transfer + mining frigate could have done them almost afk.

The npcs have some massive player-level tanks (At least the blood raider ones did.) but thankfully npc level dps.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #116

This makes me more relieved knowing that someone has to bring in a guard to succeed!

Now, can I bring my Drake? XD

(Sevin Dragoone) #117

Warped to Resource Wars Limited in Fed Navy Comet. Was Told ‘Caldari & Ore Ships’. So, I went & Built a Cadari Hookbill. Then went to gate, and was told ‘only these ship types’ and given a list of T1 Caldari & ORE frigates. Why not give that list the First (and every) Time?
And when can Faction / T2 / T3 ships be used in these? Can they ever? or will all of these events be T1 Vanilla ships only?

(CCP RedDawn) #118

Hi all.

Thanks for running through these sites and leaving your feedback. It’s all very much appreciated.

To aid you in your endeavours and to gather more feedback, we’ve lowered the standings restrictions for all Standard, Major and Critical level sites to 1.0.
This change should be present after the next SISI update so please feel free to get involved in the higher tiers and let us know your thoughts.

These values will of course be re-instated before release.

Thanks again for all your input.
CCP RedDawn

(Dave Stark) #119

A t2 fit on a venture tanks fine, 2 t2 drones are sufficient to kill the frigate rats.

The damage in l2s is dicey for a lone venture, ill admit, but it’s not untankable. I lost a venture in a l2 site because i forgot to deploy my drones to clear off some of the frigs and there were no friendly npcs. Had i removed a few frigs the site would’ve been trivial.

Even more so with 2 other people in order to make the site despawn even faster and clear rats faster

(Buzz Driver) #120

Post 71 says when T2 / T3 ships can be used. The OP says that only ships from the empire in which you are in can be used, which I interpret as: pirate ships aren’t allowed (but I haven’t tested).

(Cwittofur Cesaille) #121

@CCP_RedDawn I attempted to run some sites last night. After scouring the ends of the universe I found one which, according to my UI, said I could enter.

I have 0.0 standings, but my skills brought me to 1.2 meaning I could run Level 2 sites. Unfortunately when I warped to it and attempted to enter it said I didn’t have the right standings.

To me it seems that the gate isn’t reading our standings after skills, is the goal to have it work with standings after skill modifications or will there be more level 1 missions to use to raise them?

I ended up logging off due to the incredible shortage of sites. (I only found 2 in the span of an hour)… and that was using the moveme command!

(Droczen Drevek) #122

oh yah tear em up woohoo. people just need ta learn ta be content

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #123

I can’t seem to find any sites. is this a problem with how sites work on sisi or are they that rare

(Dave Stark) #124

Where are you looking? They are in almost every high sec system.

This is high sec content.

(Cwittofur Cesaille) #125

I was using the Agency Finder which didn’t list any. Is that bugged?

(Chan'aar) #126

It was yesterday.

Just fly around the high sec of your choice you should find plenty.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #127

what conditions do you have to meet to get rewards? i’m not getting standings LP or isk

(Gina Barbagrigia) #128

Scouted about a dozen systems. Far too few for a meaningful statistics but it did feel like Tiers are distributed evenly. Since everybody will have to start at Tier 1 this, if true, seems like recipe for disaster. Tier distribution should probably take system sec into account at least a little bit. How long does it take a gank-dessie to kill a Venture knowing their resists? Three server ticks? How long does it take Concord to show up in 0.6?

If we discount all the trolling that will go on when this hits TQ (speed inty de-spawning for instance) there’d be lines at T1 gates if there could be. Also no info on re-spawn timers but running a couple made me think it’s over an hour.

Racial ship locking of sites is silly. Are you promoting Alpha?

This is an excellent idea. On paper. In an MMO that isn’t Eve. In Eve, you’re just introducing yet another consequence free grief tool that will add few more salt crystals onto newbie feathers. Granted in time people will get bored screwing with it and it might settle into what you wish for. How much damage will be done to NPE level 2 by then is another question.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #129

Okay i seem to have found a problem.

if you want to do Logi you get 0 points from running sites

(Daichi Yamato) #130

Some feedback @CCP_Turtlepower

  • Pilot cap seems very small. Just two people in limited sites? It’s gonna be hard for players to meet and greet if they can only run sites with one other noob. Please push this way up for all sites (start at 4 at least) and lower the friendly NPC’s number/dps (esepecially in limited sites), they provide all the dps and players will have to depend on them to run sites. They are too influential.

  • I love that NPC’s are super tough. But they are def too tough at L1 and L2. You have to follow the focus fire of friendly NPC’s to actually kill targets. My 270dps Sabre couldn’t break the tank of a cruiser, so i don’t know how a couple of noobs are going to manage. And the pirate NPC’s do quite a lot of damage. With level 2 sites only allowing frigate sized miners in, they get killed quite fast or have to bail if they get targeted. Optimum way of running Minors seems to be baiting the pirate NPC’s out to a distance and then ninja mining/hoping the bullet shield of friendly NPC’s will let you mine for long enough.

  • Agency finder is a great tool, but only shows Mining Expeditions for the system that you are in. Hopefully that is a bug and you’ll be able to see all resource war sites around you when it comes out proper. Right now you just have to fly around until you find a site that your ship can run. Its tedious to aimlessly fly around hoping that the next site you find is one that is suitable for your ship.

  • The UI around the sites is pretty awesome. showing how much ore each orca has collected so far, the HP of each orca, the timer etc is pretty well done.

I’ve never ran anything higher than a minor, but im worried that Stark is correct in thinking you just use heavily tanked barges and porpoise and let friendly NPC’s do the combat stuff/be a meat shield. They are too tough for just one or two combat ships to deal with (and the site restrictions don’t allow for more combat ships than that), so instead players should tank up and run the site as fast as possible. Hopefully pirate NPC’s have a hatred of logi drones and use neuts from L3 upward.

Increase (double) player cap.
Reduce the power of friendly NPC’s.
Reduce the power of pirate NPC’s in L1+2’s

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #131

idk about 2 yet but level 1 can be soloed in an alpha venture so if anything they are too easy