Resource Wars failed/scrapped already after few weeks!

Lol from the recent csm minutes



Focus dev time money and resources to WHAT WE DEMAND.

Wow Resource Wars were scrapped faster than the VR department and Valkryie


Yet another decent concept murdered by poor implementation.


There’s a list of almost useless things that had stayed in the game for many years without revamps (or revamps that did not solve the problem): Omber, hauling missions, and maybe the Resource Wars. If you were familiar with CCP logic you should be easy to see that it will take them years, if not not at all, to revamp a function of the game. Yet there are also many scrapped stuff, for example DUST514, captain’s quarters, etc.


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They will never listen to what we say.
Not with only 10% of the player base actually posting.
And 50% of the posts being General Discussion shitposts.

Any business will trust its own internal data markers (participation for example) more than comments from customers.

So, basically, keep asking for development control, but who are you again? And who am I? Nobodies.


And an enormous amount of the problem with this and the high-sec FOBs is the reward isn’t seen as being remotely competitive with the required difficulty. If they’d thrown in some solely sourced faction shield and/or mining equipment from those four companies that had no “cheaper” source they’d have a usable LP store with some turnover and thus content actually getting used. But nope, just some cheap LP suits that cost 100m and basically if somebody wants one they just fit a crappy venture and do three limited sites and cash out a suit for looks.


This is a good point.

I honestly believe they invented the Features & Ideas section of these forums to quarantine at least a portion of the hot garbage sent flying in their direction.


there’s like legit 5 people even doing resource wars, like ■■■■ me that was some shitty implementation. Seems like a few tweaks could make it worth doing but nah, ccp’s like drop that asap


ps: thanks ccp for the highsec “content”


An interesting fact: there are still like one thousand people on the “Resource Wars” channel, about twice the size of English Help channel. Though there were almost no people talking.


oh shoot, I was thinking of the FOBs not resource wars. but anyways the resource wars rewards seem like ass. I’m not surprised people aren’t running them. More isk than a t1 fit raven costs + some LP for a t1 raven and shitty mods, like that’s not a reward. No idea what they pay out for site completion, but I’d guess it’s nowhere near enough.

Again some slight reward tweaks would make it worth it, but CCP’s says ■■■■ it


I think we should list all quotes related to Resource Wars:
Page 25

CCP Affinity starts talking about the team recently releasing resource wars. She recognizes that the participation for new players is not great and for now they will not continue to work on it.
CCP Dren says that this was something the team learnt a lot from. They hoped that this would be a feature which saw the veterans taking in new players into these sites but the rewards didn’t entice the veterans. Increasing the rewards would have negative impact on new players as they would have money but no reason to play the game or an idea of what to spend the ISK on.
Innominate says that new players in null sec with a lot of ISK have something to use it for. CCP Affinity says that this is because those new players are already in a friend circle. The new players who are not in a corporation do not experience it the same way.
CCP Dren goes back to the resource wars feature and explains that they are handing it over to the event team, who will be able to continue using the feature in events in the future whilst Team Genesis shift their focus elsewhere. Removing the feature from the game is not something the team wants to do straight away but rather use it to gain more information and tweak some numbers in the future.
CCP Affinity says the team wants to explore offering players a choice when they start the game, as no one is the same when they start the game and they wish to cater to many different play styles. She also asks for feedback from the CSM to know what their drive is in the game.

Page 37

Yuki says that the new feature has the pivot potential where it is possible to change out various aspects inside the instance, unlike resource wars which are very much set in stone.
Sort asks if this a new shift in CCP with pulling the plug on features rather than ignoring them. HellBunnie simply answers “Yes”.
HellBunnie asks the room if the community in general would be in favour of CCP stepping up and saying they won’t work on features, similar to the Resource Wars situation. CSM says “Yes, absolutely”. Another aspect is admitting mistakes and being able to learn from it, and refer to the learnt steps in the past.

Page 74-75

Sort expresses worries that the Strategy Team will pick the wrong route and make the whole summit worthless. However, he feels the developer talks were good. Guard urges patience and good faith. Sort clarifies it’s just a gut feeling he has. The want is there, but the allotted time to address problems at hand feels lacking.
Judge feels that scrapping resource wars due to it failing to address the early game play, only to work on another feature, which hopes to address the same issue is counter intuitive.
Guard also clarifies that there cannot be expectations of plans changing immediately.
Sort feels that there CCP Hellbunnie and the CSM have different ideas on how to bring players back.
Yukiko feels that there is only one team in development which addresses features which interests them and could address the concerns brought up. Sort adds to this that the producers session resulted in them only having questions for one of the teams.


So why are so many corps advertising “you can make ***m isk/hr if you join us” for new players?


I wonder what makes resource wars “set in stone.” They made it sound like updating and improving them was impossible, even if they wanted to.

The problem is the concept is actually pretty sound from a super high level. An area where people of different skill levels can mingle together to accomplish cooperative goals. I wonder if the real problem is that it’s a dead end. It’s not something you can make a career out of, and if you were to try, it wouldn’t lead you anywhere interesting. Development to achieve numbers instead of developing to create an experience, I guess. Poor vision.


The real problem with RW is that the CSM (As a collective, not singling any individual CSM out here) made them panic over giving rewards to highsec so made it a negative income source. Give it decent positive rewards and people would run it a lot. Because it can be fun.


Maybe they should just start a new player in some random blue doughnut null corp from the beginning… If they are sooo afraid of highsec. They being Ccp.

Really? I think the FOBs, as being a little bit more “positive rewards”, had only one corp regularly does it, even when there is already a guide.

FOB’s are quite different.
They are as hard/harder than incursions, and offer significantly less reward, while taking a large effort to run them at all.
Also a ‘guide’ which requires risking an entire fleet of faction battleships is not something most people are going to put together.

Actually look at these things before trying to use them as examples. Because FOB’s also follow the same pattern of far too little reward for the effort & risk involved.


Indeed, not a good example of something on the risk/profit ladder that someone is willing to climb.

I see the risk/profit factor for contents had similar problem to Hearthstone.
If the new content is too unprofitable, nobody will play it. If the new content is profitable enough then you have to make every new content more profitable/risky than the last until it become compeletely insane.
Hearthstone regularly nerfs past cards that are too powerful or cards make some deck rule the meta. On EVE there are not so much nerfs, you know there are many different playstyles and many factors dynamically affecting how a profitable a content is, and the feedback cycle is much longer than Hearthstone.
Like there are garbage cards in Hearthstone, there are also practically unprofitable stuffs in EVE, for example hauling missions and the current Resource Wars.

There, I fixed it. In fact fixed both FOB and RW.

Summoning @CCP_Affinity :candle::star::candle:

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It is shame they ditch RW it doesn’t looks promising that any content will be developed addressing new pilots short or long term.

Add to that mining fleets as content are abandoned FOB are a bust …

Stagnation for all…go buy some skins.

Just to be clear i do like NPC behavior in those but rewards not there, in mining fleets i lost in couple of days around 3 bill worth of ships i run many of them after that to recoup maybe 300mill or so of that loss, incursions recouped it instead MANY times over…nothing else needs to be said.

last thing difficulty jump from missions to these is mind boggling why isn’t this AI used in easier scenarios like half dead ded sites that no one warps to or something i mean burner missions were a dead giveaway that most ppl doing l4s are afraid of their own shadow let alone to fit a PVP ship undock and warp to a hornet nest.

Missions abandoned
Sansha Incursions abandoned
Drifters abandoned
Drifter incursions abandoned
Cosmos abandoned
Warp to sites abandoned
Sleepers abandoned
Mining…dear god
RW abandoned
FOB uncertain
Mining NPC pretty sure dead
Agency seasonal flare up ongoing

Pretty shitty track record.