Resource Wars failed/scrapped already after few weeks!

Abandoning RW is a disappointing decision. RW is a good concept that allows independent small corporations to have fun collaborative activities. The game can give RW players ‘soulbound’ rewards which cannot be traded. Players can still have the fun of getting useful equippable items instead of farming undesirable ‘money-making’ items. Getting good virtual weapon/equipment is a very good reason to play the game in all MMOs.

Null sec shouldn’t be fear of losing active players to high sec. Retaining more new players in high sec will benefit all players in the game irrespective of their play styles. CCP is very committed to improve null sec. game environment. The coming Upwell 2.0 updates are good changes that CCP makes according to player’s criticism and suggestion. CCP will definitely continue to make sov. gameplay the core game contents of EVE. It is not good for the game to suppress group-play outside null sec. With an increasing player population in various areas, some hardcore players will eventually find their ways to null sec.


If the CSM is agreeable with these so-called decisions by CCP, then the CSM should be impeached.


If they scrap RW, then what is even left of the “Big Empire Exansion” that has even remotely something to do with empire?


As others had pointed out before, there were so many things scrapped by the declining CCP. For RW I bet they don’t have to remove it completely but just leave it as it is and maybe it will be changed years later.

What CCP looks forward to in its heyday:


You thanked them for nothing actually.


you’ll ignore fobs and you’ll like ignoring them just as ccp designed them to be.

You mean the things that where originally in nullsec and then they just created a version for empire space? That is the “Empire Expansion”?

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problem is for Fobs its getting a group together like incursions, I had a whole group ready to do incursions with basic ships than no one wants to do them when they rather stay in their space they picked for themselves and do missions or some other. Ive been trying to get people to do RW sites even have my solo venture fit just to start them off on lvl 1s and no one wants to even put in the effort but to stay again in their space and mine in their venture.

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Sweet F**k All.

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It staggers me that CCP are abandoning RW so soon after implementation. Yes they have form with this (COSMOS anyone) but still.

It also staggers me that WE TOLD THEM EXACTLY WHAT WAS WRONG WITH RW DURING TESTING and they went with the implementation anyway.

RW would get more participation if they just …

  • added more of the unique skins (more ships)
  • made the skins available on their own in the LP stores, not just as part of a package
  • made the skins trade-able via the market



I’m afraid SKINs alone wouldn’t help at all. Having done a lot of NPC miner fleet hunting I don’t see SKINs have a great market.

I blame poor collection presentation.


The few times I got bored and tried some kind of RW site, I was unable to do it because I 1) had an invalid ship, and 2) didn’t have the correct equipment. I then said, “whatever” and left to do something else.

Don’t put obstacles in the way.

If I’m in a store, and they have one of those locks on the hanging items to deter theft, they’ve instantly lost a customer.

I didn’t even get so far as to see what the rewards were


That’s a good point. I agree. The limitations are way too strict and confusing. You cant use Prospect in tier 1s, cant use Endurance or Porpoise at all, etc. Those are some arbitrary limitations.

CCP Dren says that this was something the team learnt a lot from. They hoped that this would be a feature which saw the veterans taking in new players into these sites but the rewards didn’t entice the veterans.

How could they expect veteran players go along newbs in those sites, making vets fly Ventures, really? They should have made it so you could go in in anything you like, but balance rewards in a way that it wouldn’t be worth it farming low tier sites. But even that is probably unnecessary cause sites are too spread out. You cant start mining right away, you have to find those sites, and when you found one, in 10 minutes you need to look for another and that might take awhile. That’s BS design.


The Prophecy trailer is an amazing piece of art and vision. Best scene from 1:57 when the Amarr Fleet lands from warp. Back then I was so hoping to fight one day alongside the Amarr Empire to prevent the capsuleers from getting the gate.


Probably because that’s what drove them to do whatever it was they were doing and they (incorrectly) think that’s the only thing that motivates players.

Lots of corps also advertise “We specialize in ALL THE THINGS!” Yeah. Specialize.

As for why RW seems to have failed:
The Caldari and Minmatar RW LP stores could have gotten a 5-run green invuln BPC at a more efficient rate than the Navy LP store, or maybe missile launchers and guns. Amarr and Gallente I guess could sell plates, drones + drone damage mods (sinks and magstabs are already in other stores), blasters, and lasers. It’s a seriously duct-taped-together fix, but it would make the LP stores more interesting to buy things from.


Same here. Add to that I really do not see why the NPCs couldn’t finish a site on their own if I just blow away all the rats so that they can. I hate mining so the loss of these doesn’t really affect me other then from perspective of having something else to do, add to variety of content.

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-These sites have so many obstacles put in the way that its ridiculous. If these were just for one day players and were designed to not appeal to veterans, than why there are cloths costing 100 000 000 ISK in the mining corps LP store? Or the mining barge that Alphas cant use, or SKINs that you cant sell? What is the point??? :disappointed:


Nana here doing a brilliant demonstration of a hammer hitting the nail on the head.


I saw this thread after returning to the game. Decided to give Resource Wars a try, its actually pretty fun. I can see it being even more fun with a group of players. Those rewards though… never seen such bad rewards in this game, I can understand why no one runs them. Shame though, its actually pretty fun.


Having people participate in new feature in the first place is crucial to get more content and feedback. I think it should be just simple as to change some numbers, why wouldn’t CCP just do it?