Unable to find "Resource Wars" sites/beacons

I’ve been looking for Resource Wars beacons all day and fly through a bunch of systems. Yes I know that they were removed from the agency long ago but I have not seen any announcements about their removal in patches and have made that sites recently.
Yes I know that in current reality reward from this sites is nothing but this content was very fun for me.
Please CCP fix it and don’t throw this old fun content in the trash.

11/19 patch notes:

  • Resource Wars sites have stopped appearing in space for the time being while they are sent back to the workshop for some renovation and repurposing.
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^^That. Of course, the main problem was that the rewards were terrible. Don’t know why they couldn’t have just pulled some levers to beef them up. Perhaps they were worried about botters and/or alpha’s causing economic damage of some kind.

Also, you should look into ways to make more money. Hopefully you had fun doing resource wars, but it pains me to think that you’ve spent any significant amount of time doing those sites.

Thank you Mikkaden. Missed it. I hope they will be back.

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the patch notes suggests something returning eventually - but who knows when? I hope you find other enjoyable activities in the meantime.

I play this game for fun not ISK. Resource wars was fun for me. That all.


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