Resource Wars Rework progress

11/19 patch notes was:

Resource Wars sites have stopped appearing in space for the time being while they are sent back to the workshop for some renovation and repurposing.

Do we have any news about the Resource Wars rework?
Any plans to bring it back?
Any information?

The day when Resource War sites were removed from the game was a very sad day for me (I thought very very bad things about CCP and I actually still thinking) and I have been waiting for 2 years when they will be returned back.
Yes, I know the Resource War Sites had a bad reward and a lot complains because of it but that content and mechanics was very interesting to me and provides a lot of fun.
I would love to see it again, even with bad rewards.

Any news?

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Uh, check your dates there: they were removed November 19, 2020. Less than a year ago.

Anyway, to answer your questions, No - we have no news on progress or timeline, or even if they are actually still being worked on.

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The Resource Wars sites have been repurposed into things that are being used in the various events. The sites were used in the stargate building event and in the Minmatar Liberation Day event.

I think this is going to be their role in the future, brought out as the mining content part of events, rather than being a constant in space thing.

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CCP is just like any other company that want to recoup development cost: they look at any and all ways to recycle assets they already have to fullfill current and future corporate needs.
There’s probably a giant server where gig after gig are stored of abandoned or unimplemented gameplay is stored where the devs rummage through everytime they get stuck or need a shortcut to a solution. :thinking:


Like @Chan_aar said, CCP has repurposed Resource Wars for use in Events, they also buffed the rewards and changed the LP Store items and costs.

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