I miss Resource Wars

The forced mining in Crimson Harvest made me remember about Resource Wars and MADE ME MAD that nothing is going on with 4them now.

Stop quitting things CCP


Stop introducing at best half-thought through, terribly rewarding things. That would help a lot more than stopping to quit things that were terrible from the start.


Are you saying CCP have removed resource wars?! … They’re still in my game and my Agency is offering me one. So I guess I don’t quite understand your comment. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i actually made a proposal in the Assembly Hall asking for CCP to take a look on it again:

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I frequently see those beacons too so they should still be up, unless they removed them a few hours ago or something.


Not more than a month ago I finished a month long journey. I’ve collected 51k LP for each of the four Empire factions except Minmatar of which I’m still short of some 15k LP. Have been doing it to get the SKINs.

  • 30k LP Battleship
  • 15k LP Battlecruiser
  • 5k LP Cruiser
  • 1k LP Frigate

Connections Skills let you skip Limited sites. You’ll need about 12-14 Minor sites to get to Standard. Agency window helps a lot finding those sites. Minor and Standard are doable in Prospect.
Minmatar Standard sites are “tricky” though, because you cant sig tank under painters. Lost 2 or 3 Prospects to alpha dmg.

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Haven’t you guys learned all of Cam’s alts yet? :blush:

What are those SKINs? SKINs for ORE hulls?

No, not ORE hulls. As I already mentioned they are for select faction Battleship/Battlecruiser/Cruiser/Frigate.

They are volatile SKINs too, so if you lose ship wearing one it’s gone. But even if I’m not going to wear any of them, I do possess them. That was the goal.

Volatile SKINs cannot be traded via market, so they aren’t listed there, might be hard to even find they exist. But they are listed in SKINs tab in Character Sheet.


Oh, i thought CCP got rid of these one-time-skins… Seems like the resource wars LP shop could need some love. Why not make them permanent? Or hand out some faction mining crystals.


If only they made SKINs permanent and tradable that one change could make running RW sites a profession. It’s rather engaging and fun. Certainly not something one could bot. They could also let excess mined ore not disappear magically but to be used somehow, LP store exclusive implants, mining drone/module/upgrade, etc.

It’s all been discussed many times over sadly. I still don’t understand why they abandoned it when in my (and many other people’s) opinion it only needed minor reward tweaks to really shine. Do you @CCP_Affinity ?

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Cool, I totally forgot about those SKINs. I love collecting SKINs for all kinds of ships regardless of fact that I’ll never wear some of those :sunglasses:

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I can do that in a few hours in null O.o

More power to you, but they are completly different corporations and you can only get their LP by running RW sites. As a solo player I have been spending 10-12 minutes per site, a hundred sites took me a week per faction.

I bet it is so much faster in group. You can finish them faster, get timer bonus. You can run majors and criticals. But I think its still days or weeks, not hours. RW is quite different than missions in that regard.

afaik though the lp isnt worth that much?

Well, after collecting 51k LP, you need to spend another 300 mil isk to buy the boxes from LP store, selling back boxes contents you can get back around 200 mil, so its 100 mil loss if you look at it from that perspective. But you get the SKINs.

Usually doing my highsec exploration stuff I earn around 4 bil isk. So now having spent a month on 16 SKINs I would assess their value to be something like 620 / 320 / 120 / 25 mil for BS / BC / cruiser / frigate respectively.

Not sure if you can contract them. If you can, that’s what I may as well be going to do from now on )

the skins are only for the player and the rest of the rewards come at the detriment because they are typical T1 modules and ships so their price is subject to market values (which are pretty low due to mass production by industrialists).

not to mention the skins are limited to only a few ships and they are volatile. the only possible profit could be the apparel but it costs 100 million each and im not sure how profitable is the clothing market in EVE (i dont even know if you can sell those even).

the total income of the system is mostly tied to the time bonus reward of completing the sites rather than the LP store itself. so of course no one really bothers to keep going as there’s no real improvement in terms of income compared to regular missions where every LP stacked has its worth due to the items that can be bought with the faction.

the proposal put in the Assembly Hall envisions a complete rework of the RW LP stores, making them close or into regular LP stores with the added Skins and Apparel as an extra addition with proper commercial value and capabilities (not to mention changing the skins to permanent instead of volatile). along with expanding the rewards to include also mining ships (its ironic that the minigame is focused on mining yet mining ships dont get a skin for it). perhaps special faction modules to expand the market of mining equipment but i doubt it (you know, cause we have all these other mining corps but ORE is the one with the monopoly for mining modules for some reason)

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something I don’t agree with … totally.

one of the box was (is still ?) a low volume (procurer?) which makes it worth to haul it.

And yes the angel is nasty with frigs. dramiels are no issue but the cyna is… ouch.

and don’t try to fight back in a venture ^^

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Fixed that for you. It seems such a simple easy change to make but :psyccp:

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It would still not be. Market for skins would saturate super fast. Now if they put some consumable items like boosters into the LP store for it, or faction ammo or faction mining Crystal’s… now we are starting to talk