Resource wars abandoned

Don’t know if you guys noticed but resource wars were removed from the agency. Sad because I found them quite fun when they came out but now nobody runs them mainly due to them paying so damn bad. I explore what is left of resource wars here:


Hypothetically speaking, what changes should be done to Resource Wars to merit their re-inclusion into The Agency? What kinds of ISK/LP should be rewarding, and what kind of LP items should be available? What other changes besides improving rewards? Should it be made more solo-friendly?

Sorry to see almost any content be removed from EVE. However, I called its flaws out back in September of 2017 when the dev blog dropped. The goal was a good one: trying to expand the NPE to introduce group activities to new players with the veterans offering a guiding hand. It soon became clearer that the devs time was not going to be rewarding in regards to either player retention or general use. Poor rewards was a main factor. Forcing grouping up to complete higher levels of sites was another. Veterans grouped up using players from their own corporations, leaving the newer characters to band up or attempt solo. They remembered the motto “trust no one”. Guess there were not enough Mike Azariahs to go around. When the veterans realized the rewards came nowhere close to being ISK efficient for them, they dropped participation and left the newer characters to fend on their own.

It really hurts to realize that all the dev planning and time spent creating RW may be lost or at least not well spent, especially when so many other areas over the last three years needed attention. As I originally said back in 2017, if your goal is to create content for a certain area, then directly ask people from that area what they are looking for. Don’t ask alts of people who actually are focused more on a different aspect of EVE. Use that vaunted data mining ability you keep touting and send targeted questionnaires directly to them. I posted a rough process that I thought would be a framework to build on to acquire meaningful and accurate information on a subject in a thread with Brisc during his first term. Might take some more work, but it is feasible especially with the improved data access they created. RW could be retooled, but it may take just as much effort as the original project.


I mean, the concept isn’t bad. It’s just that the rewards are absolute ■■■■, and that drives people away.


Agreed with the above posters. Another case of CCP not understanding how or why players actually play. Could have been a positive and useful addition to the game. Instead it was simply not worth playing and not interesting enough to explore further.

What Resource Wars easily could have been was an excellent way to introduce new players to grouping up and forming teams to tackle varying kinds of content. RW could have easily been used to teach newer players how to mine with protection/defense, how to take an objective against other players, how to form a team customized to handle certain challenges, how to have fun meeting and working with other players.

Instead we got a lame “grind your face off for crap rewards”, half-implemented ‘feature’ that was DoA.


:red_circle: A completely trash feature removed from the agency but it’s still available in space. Typical CCP. As for rewards: The clothing items cost you 100M ISK + 500LP for a single jacket. This is ridiculous. And then you have to grind through yet another set of standings to get to the higher tiers even though you might already have +10 Standing to Amarr Empire.

This is failed content just like Invasions are failed content and it’s just so typical for CCP.


I bought all the Jackets from the Market so I’m thankful for all the players who ran that content. Personally I think each Factions 4 different Apparel Items (2x male & 2x female Jackets) should have been rewards for completing each of the 4 sites.

For instance:
Completing level 1 site rewards player with choice of male or female Strategic Materiel Jacket. Completing level 2 site rewards player with the other Strategic Materiel Jacket.
Completing level 3 site rewards player with choice of male or female Command Jacket.
Completing level 4 site rewards player with the other Command Jacket.

All LP’s would then be used to redeem the ship packs. Course those ship packs should have included T2 modules with the ship as well as permanent ship skins instead of T1 mods and a volatile skin.


:red_circle: Yes, that would have been something interesting in terms of rewards, although I am not a fan of ship hand outs.

Also, I really want the Amarr Imperial War Reserves Command jacket. However, when I checked the other factions’ RW jackets, I noticed that they are just rehashes of the same model in different colors. Why are there no unique jackets for each faction instead of just different colors of the same model. Unique clothing models that sets the empires apart from each other instead of muddeling them together.

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As others, the rewards are ■■■■, beef them up on par with other activities and - full LP store for example ( along with the uniques (but not ship packages which were rubbish)).

Simple fix… typical CCP abandonment…

I actually tried looking for these the other day, just to try something different once in a while (regardless of reward) - but no listing in agency… and then the issue with standings restrictions, meant I couldn’t play even when I stumbled upon a site with a high sec alt…

I agree, the only difference between the Imperial War Reserves Jacket and the Amarr Empire Command Jacket is the color. Also CCP used the same design pattern for the Gallente Jackets as well.

And yes, they should have been unique Faction specific apparel items. Laziness is the only reason I can think of why CCP just changes the color and Faction logo on the items.

Anyway, you can pick up the Men’s Imperial War Reserves Jacket in Jita for 235,500,000.00 ISK, basically half priced compared to the ones currently selling in Amarr. The lowest priced Men’s Amarr Empire Command Jacket currently available is in Dodixie for 200,000,000.00 ISK…

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Maybe Resource Wars can be tied into the Triglavian Invasion somehow. Miners would have mined a certain amount of resources to help with EDENCOM/Triglavian efforts to capture the system.


too late. this sort of activity is dead.

Can’t wait for CCP to abandon the ‘Trig’ experiment… ffs.

Can’t wait for CCP to abandon the ‘Trig’ experiment… ffs.

I think at this point Sunk Cost Fallacy would not make CCP abandon it, whatever the results would be. They will still make game harder and expect to gain more cash from players, ignoring the fact the most of players in EVE are casuals, who may only ocasionally take part in fleets to PvP. People have personal limits. They have limited budgets, limited time, they have wifes that will divorce them if they stay 24 hours on computer just watching some stupid TiDi or whatever it is.

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This makes no sense. They’re not ignoring them,
they’re actively and obviously trying to get rid of them.

It really can’t get any more obvious!

You’re mistaking the status quo for unchangeable. CCP changed the game towards casuals …
… and now they’re apparently changing it back again. You know, pre CrimeWatch 2.0.

It appears to be correct that most players now are casuals …
… but that’s completely irrelevant …
… because CCP apparently has a good time with switching demographics.

It’s actually impressive. EVE ONLINE allows for a slow shift of over many years, as we’ve seen …
… but this time they don’t even giving a ■■■■ about that.

In the long term, EvE is cheaper and much less hassle than a woman anyway.

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